I’m a little ray of sunshine with a SUNSHINE AWARD

Well would you look at that. I got an award. And not just any award but an award for being inspirational. How awesome is that?

I’ve been pretty shit at doing the award thing the last few months so if you are reading this and thinking “But you didn’t accept mine” please, don’t be offended. It’s a time thing and today, I happen to have it.

Here is my pretty trophy:

The award pic

Ta da!

It’s a gorgeous one that one.

To accept I must do the following:

1. Pass it on to 10 other inspiring bloggers

2. Tell you 11 facts about me, because you don’t know the ins and outs of my business already anyway

Here, my friends, are the FACTS.

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The Versatile Blogger Award

versatileDamn let me tell you something about these awards…they really drive traffic to your site. Or maybe it’s just that the followers who don’t normally read your posts DO read the award posts. Who knows. Anyway I’m not complaining. It’s just an observation during this award-a-thon I’ve got going on.

I know you are going to be so sad but this is the last award in my batch. I know right! You’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled on all those blogs I recommended to see their award acceptance speeches instead of mine.

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Geekery awards

Morning fellow bloggers! It is a lovely Sunday morning here and let me just say I am feeling the love! I woke up to a stack of really awesome messages from you guys. What an awesome way to start my day. Anyway I’m back with my last installment of blogging awards. We are on the home stretch now peeps. Woohoo!

This little number was invented only weeks ago by the awesome dude over at Modern Man of the Cloth.  As the creator of something so amazing you should totally check his blog out. You should also check out the blogs of the lovelies who went on to award me.

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The Best Moment Award


best-moment-awardMan I am pushing through these awards tonight. Feeling very accomplished right now. Thanks to all those who have contributed to that. Am also feeling like I am achieving my goals by getting all these awards published so yay me!

Thanks ever so much to the little piece of awesomeness that is Running to Her Dreams for this nomination. You should get on over and check out her inspirational blog. I was quite touched recently to learn that she has hand made quilts for friends who have lost a parent using clothing from the person who has passed away. Continue reading

The Beautiful Mama Blog Award

You're a beautiful mama!

You’re a beautiful mama!

This weekend I am spring cleaning my online activity so that means my blog too. Fitting really as it feels like spring might actually be upon us regardless of the fact that technically there is still one month of winter to go. This is one thing I adore about my location on the coast; winter here is not a long one. This spring cleaning also means I am going to get up to date with all my awards posts so sorry about that but there are a few coming.

I still love awards even if I am a bit crap at doing the homework so I make this vow to you all right here, right now, that from this day forward I will respond to all awards promptly. And promptly means within a few days of receiving them, at worst, one week.

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Keeping up with my WordPress reader

blogI don’t know about you but I am waaaaaaay behind on my blog reading this week. I don’t know if everyone posted more or I read less but at last count there are about 100 emails in my inbox with blog posts I am yet to read from this week. So if I normally read and comment on your posts and you haven’t seen me, well now you know why!

But I’m here and I’m trying (I’ve been playing read blogs and FAST all morning) and I’m here to get the tips people Continue reading

Leibster Award

liebsterI am ashamed to say that of all the awards  I coveted this one the most. Why? I think because it was the first “blog award” that I ever saw when I started blogging regularly. Gasp, there are blog awards???? I wonder if I’ll ever get one of those. That one was awarded to the delightful Miss Fanny P who deserved it and then some (check out her blog if you don’t believe me). I ogled it and envied her and looked at how amazing and funny she was and wondered wistfully if that would ever be me.

Well rock on dudes and dudettes cause it IS ME! Yay! And not only have I been awarded this prestigious award BUT (and sit down for this) I’ve received it FIVE TIMES in the last couple of weeks. Whoah! I know, it’s amazing right. Are you still standing? Are you proud of me? Because I’m proud of me. Continue reading

WordPress Family Award

wordpress-family-awardI know, I know, you are thinking another award? Well suck it. It’s award season here. You know how they have the Oscars and Cannes and all those other ceremonies all close together? Well that’s what it’s like here in Blogtown too.

Blogging has been nowhere near as lonely as I thought it might be and I think part of that is because I chose to do it on WordPress. They have a super dooper set up that really encourages interaction with other WordPress bloggers. And through that interaction you start to generate very much a family feel to the whole experience.

So because of all that receiving this award warms the cockles of my heart a little bit. It is about acceptance and belonging as much as it is about good blogging and I like that.

I was lucky enough to receive this award from THREE different bloggers! Wowsers. Watch out ego. They are:  Continue reading

I won that damn blog competition so now I’M PUBLISHED!


Sensational Pic by Pachoncku. You can find it on Deviant Art. Click pic for more info.

Holy moly, I don’t believe it. I won. I won. I won. I won. I won.

If you’ve been following my blog you may recall that I submitted a post to iVillage.com.au last week for their iBlog Friday comp. Well it seems I won the damn thing. Wowsers.

Thrilled doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. Ecstatic? Yeah that’s closer. Bewildered? Yup that’s pretty close too. That will do. I’m ecstatically bewildered that the post I entered in the iBlog Friday comp on iVillage.com.au last week won.

Saying I won sounds a bit fancy as it makes it sound like there were a thousand entrants and I came first out of them all. It wasn’t quite like that. There were 11 entrants. All of them have beautiful blogs and were quite stiff competition for a newbie like me. Not only that but my work was judged by writers. Real writers. Ones that get paid to write as their job. They get paid for their writing and they picked me. So I am very proud of this result.

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