Week 6 – Couch to 5k

Wow I’m finally over half way and into the back end of this thing where I get to do some really serious running. Well serious for me anyway. This week is much like last week in that it is a different training session each of the three days. Day 3 is the big one again with the 20min run increase to 22 mins. I’m going to be overseas for Day 2 and Day 3 this week so the challenge will be to keep running although I’m on holiday. I’m actually looking forward to seeing some new super beautiful scenery on my runs. This week should see San Francisco and Napa Valley featuring. I’ll try to get pics.

Day 1
Overall Pace:  11.4kph
Overall distance: 4.55km
Time: 23:55
Fastest interval: 13.3 kph
Longest interval: 1.78 km

Today’s training was 5min run, 3min walk, 8 min run, 3 min walk, 5 min run.

Even though these stats are quite good I’m a little disappointed as I was tracking really well in the middle 8 min split. That’s when  did my fastest interval of 13.3kph. I think I’m figuring out that I’m actually better with a bit of distance. In the early few mins I have a bit of a mind fuck to get past. The body hurts and I’m just trying to get into the pace. Once that passes I can actually really get comfortable in the run and even pick up the pace a little. I think that is evident from the results of the 8min split.

The last 5min split would have been better but in the last couple of mins something damn well flew into my eye. I didn’t stop running but it did slow me down while I tried to pick it out and have a slight panic about getting an eye infection right before the big trip. Once that happened  lost the zone completely and was really distracted until I reached the end. I think the overall pace for that split was even under 11kph so it really bought the average down. Let’s see what I can put together for the day 2.

Day 2
Overall Pace:  10.0kph
Overall distance: 3.85km
Time: 23:00
Fastest interval: 11.1 kph
Longest interval: 1.85 km

Well there is quite a gap between Day 1 and Day 2 stats. When I got back from my trip overseas I really struggled to get back into it and my stats suffered big time. I went back and did weeks 4 and 5 again but I still haven’t been able to lift them. I’ve been eating pretty crappy compared to how clean I was eating before my trip so I truly think it might be diet.

Day 3
Overall Pace:  9.9kph
Overall distance: 3.61km
Time: 22:00
Fastest interval: 9.9 kph
Longest interval: 3.61 km

Pace under 10kph makes me want to cry but this was a 22 min straight run and you are always going to see a bit of a drop with that at first…except I was in the 11s pre-trip. Anyway, need to move on from that now.

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