My favourite pregnancy picture

36 weeks in a dressing room

This is what dressing rooms are for right?

I stumbled across Shannon’s (from A Game of Diapers) awesome twin belly pic post today and it inspired me to show you mine. This is my absolutely favourite pregnancy photo. I LOVED my tummy. I am 36 weeks here.  My brother used to call me egg on legs and in this pic I can really see why. Can’t wait until the day I get to do this again.

I also did take the exact same photo of my belly each week of my pregnancy (I might have missed one or two weeks here and there but I got most of it). It’s more of a midsection shot each time. It’s great as a series and when I get around to it I might post that one day too.

Now though, I’m going to wake my son. He is sleeping FAR too late which means stiff negotiations at bedtime tonight for sure. It’s been one of those days. Rain, maggots and shit. Seriously. Maybe I should blog about that too.

PS That’s now two posts in one day. WOW and sorry! Multiple posting in one day is a bit naughty but today I’m saying whatevs.

Mummy needs a schedule

White christmas tree

I’m bucking the trend here

Man it turns out I suck at blogging at the moment. Sorry about that you guys. I’m sure you are being nicely entertained elsewhere but STILL, you follow me for a reason and it’s not because I’m boring or absent. Continue reading

Breastfeeding…pumping and feeding…comp feeding…we did it all in this corner

I was what I like to call a “combination feeding” mama. We had a crack at everything over in this corner.

There’s not right or wrong way, just your way, but if you are interested in what we did and how/why we did it then you can take a squiz at the post I wrote about it all for the You and Baby blog. If you are interested then click the pic below of Monkey (asleep on my booby post feed) and it will zoom you right on over.

Nom nom booby juice makes me sleeeeeepy.

Nom nom booby juice makes me sleeeeeepy.

Making a fire truck birthday cake

A couple of months ago Monkey turned 2 (yes that’s how long it’s taken me to write this post. Whatevs).

I, quite proudly I might add, made him a rockin’ fire truck birthday cake which was no easy task given that last year I attempted to make a wheel and it looked more like a spaceship.

I made this!

I made this!

I absolutely scoured the internet researching how to make this thing. I looked at squillions of pictures on Pinterest and I watched You Tube videos and I looked at a gazillion google images. I searched and searched for how to blogs but there where very few.

In the end I couldn’t find one exact cake that I wanted to make. Some looked ugly or stupid, some weren’t quite how I imagined fire trucks Continue reading

Here’s what happens when you ask a 2 year old “What do YOU say?”

Monkey’s Granny recently sent him a bunch of really awesome books. One of my new favs is Moo Baa La la la which is essentially an animal sound book but it’s done in a really fun way.

Moo Baa La (1)

The book ends with a simple enough question:

Moo Baa La (2)This is how it went down at our house:

Mummy: It’s quiet now. What do YOU say, Monkey?

Monkey:  Farkings sake

Cloth or disposable? I did a little review as a 100% disposable user…

I have been a disposable mama all the way with Monkey. I toyed with the idea of cloth but toying was as far as I got. I was always completely scared off by the idea of leaking non absorbent nappies and sooooo much washing.

After talking with cloth users I’ve since started to think that maybe I was wrong so I decided to do some research. I’ve put together a little pros and cons type table to compare the two options. If you are deliberating between the two options then I’m sure you will find it very useful. I’m just so tempted by little bottoms like this one shown off by my cute friend J’s little girl below. If you want to check out the results of my highly scientific study just click on her pic and it will zoom you on over to my post at the You and Baby blog.

I'm soooo tempted to do cloth by these cute little covers!

I’m soooo tempted to do cloth by these cute little covers!

A Holiday in Pictures

I’m baaaaaaack.

I hope you’ve all missed me tremendously and are breathing a collective sigh of relief.

It turns out that it takes one almost 2 weeks to get over a 2 week holiday so sorry about that. The good news is that Monkey and I are back into our groove and ready to keep on keeping on with life. Hooray! He didn’t even hate me momentarily on my return. He was just super happy to see me and has been an absolute delight ever since I returned.  Someone suggested that maybe he thinks he needs to be good so I won’t go away again!! That breaks my heart a little so I hope not but at the same time I’m enjoying the good behaviour.

I thought it might bore you all to tears if I gave you a blow by blow account of my holiday. It’s pretty much people you don’t know and had to be there jokes. So instead I thought I’d tell you my holiday story in pictures. Who doesn’t love pretty pictures I ask you! So here they are. Enjoy! Continue reading

The Truck

If anyone is interested in dinating directly to the Philippines then chrck out this post. I will be donating at the end of the week and you are more than welcome to send $$ via me. I will post a blog of all $ donated via me and a copy of the transaction so people can see the process is transparent. Help me help others.

I dobbed on a kid today. OK or not OK? What would you have done?

thumbs-up-thumbs-down-1We went to one of those indoor playcentres today. You know the ones with ball pits and slippery slides and soft squishy lumps to clamber over. I’m not usually the biggest fan of them but I love this one as it’s nice and new and neither the toddler side nor the big kid side is too full on for Monkey.

There was one little kid there today getting a bit pushy with the other kids. Continue reading

Couch to 5k Update – This is what you get when you start feeling smug

Taken on my run in San Francisco

Taken on my run in San Francisco

Honestly, if someone had told me at the beginning of this “9 week” program that at 14 weeks later I would only be at the 6 week mark then I’m not sure I would have done it. Nine weeks alone seemed pretty long to commit to something. I’d just come off the back of the 30 day meditation challenge where I meditated every day for 30 days and I was feeling the pinch of committing to something on an ongoing basis.

So, it’s lucky that I didn’t know how long it would take me as what I also didn’t know at the time is that it wouldn’t matter. Continue reading