What we are teaching our children by worshipping Elsa

Oh look. I’ve come out of hiatus to bitch about Frozen. Let it go, bitches. Let it go!

Recently I had the joy of sitting down and watching Frozen all the way through. I still don’t get the song (sorry but I really don’t like it) but I did enjoy the film. What a little hero Anna is!

Yes, Anna.

For some reason as she is the plainer, less magical sister wearing a sensible shawl the entire film she seems to take a back seat to the all powerful Queen Elsa and to put it bluntly, this pisses me off.

cast photo frozen

Look at Elsa all front and centre like she is the STAR

What are we doing by encouraging this?

The way I see it, by encouraging our children to worship Elsa we are allowing them to believe that the way to get what you want when you don’t understand what is going on is to have a big fat tanty and run away.  And yay, magic. It fixes EVERYTHING. And makes you feel better. And why not live in a big fat ice castle and exclude the world. Who cares if you froze them? Hiding is the best place for you.

But it didn’t fix everything in this movie. In fact magic was the problem. And anger was the problem. The angrier Elsa got the more powerful her magic was. Yes, she had technically been oppressed for years and told her gift was a curse and this was definitely an issue but she didn’t rise above it and fight her way out. No. She didn’t.

Her sister, Anna, saved her.

Had it been up to Elsa she’d still be living in her ice castle hiding from the world with a cold and angry heart, justifying her choices because at least now she could “Let it go” and be free to be herself.

Let’s look at Anna’s story.

She spent her entire life trying to get close to Elsa even though Elsa was made to hide. Time after time, year after year, we see Anna standing at Elsa’s door begging her to come and play. When it is time for the coronation and Elsa’s fears literally explode into ice, Anna doesn’t hate her, doesn’t judge her, isn’t angry with her. She believes in her. Every. Step. Of. The. Way.

Every. Step.


Then she trudges through snow up a mountain with a strange man and a reindeer to find her and find out what is going on and bring her home. Not once does she stop believing in her sister, even when she almost kills her with a magic ice strike to the heart!

And in the end she makes the ultimate sacrifice and chooses to die for her sister when she could have been saved. Die! And we are worshipping the magic lady. FAR OUT.

Sure, Elsa is by no means a mean, horrible or evil person. She is no Wicked Witch of the West. And yes, she is wearing the prettier dress (I’m looking at you, Disney. You are NOT helping) but far out parents, can we not take this opportunity to teach our little munchkins that it’s not about the prettier dress or magic and ice castles?

It’s about love. And believing in someone. And fighting for them until there is nothing more you can do (and yes, not oppressing them in the first place).

So Anna, you are my Frozen Hero. And I would choose to dress up as you any day, even if you are wearing a sensible shawl most of the film.  Because it’s not about the clothes people, not about the clothes.

We can do better than this. We really can.

anna in frozen

See Anna DID wear a pretty dress

Oh and if the problem reeeeeally is the dress, then Anna did wear this lovely little number early in the film. Surely that is princessy enough?


Let’s try and keep it real, hey.

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45 thoughts on “What we are teaching our children by worshipping Elsa

  1. I’ve had this conversation with my 6yr old and she still thinks Elsa is cooler. Anna is my favourite and I tell any frozen fan who will listen to me! (And I’d love to have a dress like Anna’s coronation dress!! All that hidden fabric…so cool!!)

  2. Haven’t seen the movie….just know from conversations and overhearing conversations, that Anna certainly falls behind Elsa in the adoration stakes. But I’m here to comment on the song….I’m with you…I DON’T like it, DON’T get it !!

  3. I sort of saw the movie…it was on and my daughter was pleased…but if you’ve seen one princess movie, you’ve pretty much seen them all.

    in my oppinion, disney seems to paint the picture that if you’re a woman you need to be beautiful to be important and you can go running all over town trying to solve problems, but in the end you will need a man to save you.

    I don’t hate disney or anything like that. My kids know and love a lot of their characters. (Shit…me too) It’s just something I’ve noticed.

  4. Shhhh…. You weren’t supposed to notice any of that. That’s why they supplied Hans as Obvious Bad Guy so all that other crap could be swept under the rug, and our little girls can still wear pretty dresses, have tiny waists and live generally useless lives, allowing others to care for us instead of taking the initiative to care for ourselves and others.
    “Love thaws”
    Of course! Elsa would never notice, because love is only received by Elsa, never given. She’s the pretty one, after all.
    She looks beautifuller. And she’s blonde.

  5. What the actual eff….?!? LOL I’ve never seen the movie, so I will have to take your word for it, but it sounds messed up! I was too busy doing my happy dance anyway. It was so great to see your post 🙂

    • What! You mean your boys don’t have you watching princess movies? We don’t watch many buy my little rascal likes Frosen because ELSA + BLONDE (I swear, at 3 he seems to prefer blondes??!!) and Ariel because mermaid + shell BOOBIES. I am deadly serious. The one saving grace of the movie is that the princess is not saved by the prince. It is girl power all the way. And THAT is progress. Still, fucking disney making the not heroic girl more glamorous. Really gets on my nerves. And yay, I’m here. Glad to see some of you so happy about me posting. Thanks! Might just whirl out another 😉

  6. I’ve been avoiding this film though my niece has made me read the book to her like 40 times but dammit she won’t let me make up the story. I must read. Every. Word.

  7. I had a good chuckle reading this one! Yep, Anna all the way! It’s funny – I’ve got 3 girls and each of them favours a different character. Miss 5 loves Elsa, Miss 4 wants to be Anna, and little Miss 2 loves Olaf.

  8. I can understand what you are saying but I think it’s maybe too deep for what little kids interpret from it. I find all too often parents put so much pressure on movies to be setting the right example and sending the right message and really? It’s a movie. My 5 year old is Elsa for Halloween. I didn’t give it a second thought. After reading your post I asked her why Elsa instead of Anna and she said “Because Anna has red hair like me and I want to wear a wig.” I don’t think I ever would have guessed that answer. Lol.

    • I don’t think little kids should understand. I think ot is up to us to teach them that we should like someone for more than their appearance or a pretty dress. Look how young it is starting, this instinct to choose a person over their appearance. I guarantee if Anna was more glamorous looking with a prettier dress that far nore kids would want to be her. This is my point!

  9. Add me to the list of people who don’t get why the song is so popular… and although I haven’t watched the movie all the way to the end, I also don’t really understand what’s SO special about it… it’s great about the girl power, but you’re right about disney still doing its thing.

  10. It’s funny because my daughter actually loves Anna way more than Elsa. I think kids are pretty smart and can pick your valid points out as well. Or maybe I am just being a mommy braggart that my girl was haha.

  11. My girls told me Elsa was supposed to be a bad “guy” then they decided to make her nice in the end instead. Which made me happy. I enjoy the music in this show, and the snowman was my favorite. Couldn’t get too excited about Anna falling in love and wanting to marry so impetuously but otherwise thought she was super cute. Elsa a lot strange. Of course, I can’t keep any secrets and alienate myself from those I love like her character did. Don’t like cold weather much either. Ha! Ha! Anyhow, I liked that the movie made singers out of my girls!

  12. Just a movie, babe, just a movie, lol. Bestie is aalways grumbling about the message in princess movies and making Destroyer watch pro-feminism cartoons instead. you two should talk.

    • Haha. I don’t mind the story of this one so much (at least a boy didn’t save the day this time) just that they took the essentially bad one and made her so glamorous! They could argue it isn’t their fault little girls like fancier dresses and blonde hair (and it’s not) but then it goes back to what we as a society are teachi g our kids…which is appearance matters. Appearance is king. *sigh* The whole thing is really interesting (worrying?), how inbuilt it is from such a young age.

  13. 🙂 Anna is my hero too.
    Loved her throughout. Courage and love are the real terms that define her beauty. She needs no ice blue super cool dresses to make her beautiful.
    May be we see, Elsa more because she is the classic disney girl. The damsel in distress and suddenly disney thought, for a change lets make a strong girl to save the damsel. And then came Anna, our love. 🙂 And then, they are confused again and thought lets make Han her body guard. 🙂 😛
    🙂 Loved your views.

  14. I totally agree. Once I watched the movie I couldn’t understand why all the marketing material was about Elsa. I thought she was entirely selfish. I loved Anna. Also on the subject of Frozen. I didn’t particularly find it as good as everyone was making out. I felt a bit manipulated. It was like Disney thought we need a new hit, what is our magic formula. Ok we need a pretty princess in lovely clothing, songs, a funny character and a complicated love story.

    • Yeah I wasn’t sure about the fuss either, especially about that damn song!!! But I will say, I was sucked in a bit and I did enjoy it even if it was a bit formulaic. As some people have pointed out, at least it didn’t result in a poor helpless girl being saved by a man! That is at least a little bit of progress!!!

  15. We are so distracted by the big picture that we forget the sweet simple things that matter—– like sacrificing your life so that other may live whether right, wrong indifferent. Nonetheless I love this movie

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