Here’s what happens when you ask a 2 year old “What do YOU say?”

Monkey’s Granny recently sent him a bunch of really awesome books. One of my new favs is Moo Baa La la la which is essentially an animal sound book but it’s done in a really fun way.

Moo Baa La (1)

The book ends with a simple enough question:

Moo Baa La (2)This is how it went down at our house:

Mummy: It’s quiet now. What do YOU say, Monkey?

Monkey:  Farkings sake


Thought for the day

My friends over at the Best Little Bookshop in Town¬†make my day every day with their “thought for the day”.

I liked today’s so much I thought I’d share it with you.

If you want more of this in your Facebook news feed then you should follow their page. They pretty much only post these quotes and interesting stuff about books which is pretty awesome. No trash posts to clog up your feed! Hooray!

Have a great day!