Week 7 – Couch to 5k

I’m feeling really good about finally making the 7th week. Hooray for me! Let’s see if I can rock out some decent stats.

Day 1
Overall Pace:  9.3kph
Overall distance: 3.89km
Time: 25:00
Fastest interval: 9.3 kph
Longest interval: 3.89 km

I hate overall pace in the 9s. *sigh* It was a 25min straight run though. The only way is up, right? Right.


Day 2
Overall Pace:  10.1kph
Overall distance: 4.21km
Time: 25:00
Fastest interval: 10.1 kph
Longest interval: 4.21 km

Yay, it’s an improvement AND I’ve cracked the 10s again. I’m happy with this today.

I want more but I’m happy with it for today.

Day 3
Overall Pace:  10.2kph
Overall distance: 4.24km
Time: 25:00
Fastest interval: 10.2 kph
Longest interval: 4.24 km

An increase of pace of 0.1kph is still an increase. I’ll take it!

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