Top 5 reasons not to let your toddler sleep until 5pm

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Who needs sleep?

1. He will want to stay up until 11pm even though he yawns incessantly.

2. He will want to stay up until 11pm even though he says “I’m tired, Mummy”.  Continue reading

5 Reasons Co-Sleeping with a Toddler SUCKS

cosleepingI’m not a big co-sleeper. I’ve done it and still do it on occasion but I am far from its biggest fan. In fact, after every co-sleeping event I usually declare that I won’t ever be doing that again thank you very much and my son gets a stern but loving lecture on how he needs to sleep in his bed while mummy sleeps in her bed.

Anyway, last night it was so freaking cold that when Monkey woke for the second time at just after 4am I just didn’t have the heart to say no. He held his little hands out to me and said in the cutest sad voice ever “This way mummy, this way” and I did not even hesitate.

Boy did I regret it once we got back to my bed. Co-sleepers: I don’t know how you do it. Get off those crazy pills and get your sleep back*! Sheesh.

Here are the reasons I hate co-sleeping: Continue reading

To routine or not to routine? What we did with our baby.

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Click on me and I’ll zoom you on over to my story.

So you’ve clawed your way through the first few months of parenting. Congratulations! You deserve a big pat on the back and a large glass of wine. Except you don’t feel like you do.

You think it should be getting easier but it’s not. Baby sleeps less in the day and wakes up more at night and you think maybe it’s time you checked into the crazy house as you aren’t sure what the hell is going on. Why isn’t it working?

That’s about where I was at when Monkey was 4 months old. And it went on like that for almost another 2 months before I made some changes. I’ve written our full story as a guest post for You and Baby so head on over and check it out.

It’s a good read. I promise. And it may even help you!

Pssssst if you click on the cute baby pic (yes that’s my monkey) he’ll shoot you right on over there.



Help! My kid is waking through the night again.

wake up mumAll parents say: once you have children you will never sleep again. And it pains me to say it but they are right. So. damn. right. Know it alls.

Once babies learn how to sleep through the night they apparently don’t stay sleeping through the night forever. Who knew?  I didn’t. I thought we did all that work teaching the little critter how to sleep so that this sort of crap wouldn’t happen but apparently it is a fool’s game. They do not stay sleeping through Continue reading