The Beautiful Mama Blog Award

You're a beautiful mama!

You’re a beautiful mama!

This weekend I am spring cleaning my online activity so that means my blog too. Fitting really as it feels like spring might actually be upon us regardless of the fact that technically there is still one month of winter to go. This is one thing I adore about my location on the coast; winter here is not a long one. This spring cleaning also means I am going to get up to date with all my awards posts so sorry about that but there are a few coming.

I still love awards even if I am a bit crap at doing the homework so I make this vow to you all right here, right now, that from this day forward I will respond to all awards promptly. And promptly means within a few days of receiving them, at worst, one week.

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

very inspiring blogger award

It’s award time again! Hooray! I actually got this one a few weeks ago but I’ve been a bit naughty and not posted it yet. I’m a little behind on awards posts. Sorry to those awarding them as it makes me seem ungrateful but I totally am not!

I am stoked when I receive any award but I must admit to being super chuffed about this one. I mean, who doesn’t want to be thought of as inspiring ??? What a ¬†marvelous compliment. Incidentally did anyone else know that marvelous contains only one L? I did not until the spell checker told me just now. I’m a pretty good speller too. Once in grade 4 I got 100% in a spelling bee so clearly I know my shit when it comes to spelling. So yeah, I can spell and didn’t know about marvelous and the L.

Anyway I’m getting off topic here. I’m tired.

So my award came from the lovely FoolishSageWisdom whose blog I absolutely adore (in bold to emphaise the depths of my adoration folks). Continue reading

One Lovely Blog Award

lovely-blog-award2Weeeeeeeee! I got another award. I’m going to need to find a new way to react but seriously, I just get so excited by these awards. It thrills me to the core and makes my damn day. The only dud thing about them is that you can’t go on and nominate the person that gave it to you as I totally would nominate the lovely Tara over at Working Mother Assistant if I could. Thank you so much for nominating me Tara. I am eternally grateful.

As you should all know by now, there be rules and stuff so here they are:   Continue reading