Love takes time…or does it? Bonding with your baby.

me and my monkey

Attempting some of that early bonding

I have wanted to write this post for so long but I have really struggled with the content. I know there is something important here to talk about but I have been frightened to put it all down.  I’m mostly frightened because I don’t want for my son to one day read this and think that for one moment in his beautiful little life that I didn’t love him because that is not true at all.  Continue reading

Breastfeeding…pumping and feeding…comp feeding…we did it all in this corner

I was what I like to call a “combination feeding” mama. We had a crack at everything over in this corner.

There’s not right or wrong way, just your way, but if you are interested in what we did and how/why we did it then you can take a squiz at the post I wrote about it all for the You and Baby blog. If you are interested then click the pic below of Monkey (asleep on my booby post feed) and it will zoom you right on over.

Nom nom booby juice makes me sleeeeeepy.

Nom nom booby juice makes me sleeeeeepy.

Cloth or disposable? I did a little review as a 100% disposable user…

I have been a disposable mama all the way with Monkey. I toyed with the idea of cloth but toying was as far as I got. I was always completely scared off by the idea of leaking non absorbent nappies and sooooo much washing.

After talking with cloth users I’ve since started to think that maybe I was wrong so I decided to do some research. I’ve put together a little pros and cons type table to compare the two options. If you are deliberating between the two options then I’m sure you will find it very useful. I’m just so tempted by little bottoms like this one shown off by my cute friend J’s little girl below. If you want to check out the results of my highly scientific study just click on her pic and it will zoom you on over to my post at the You and Baby blog.

I'm soooo tempted to do cloth by these cute little covers!

I’m soooo tempted to do cloth by these cute little covers!

Tips and tricks for bringing on labour – aka How to evict your baby

When those old wives sat around weaving their tales they certainly spent a lot of time on the labour inducing ones. I tried a couple of things with Monkey but as you would know if you’ve read my Birth Story (errr novel) I was still induced anyway. I’m convinced it is because I didn’t have enough time.

Next time I won’t be caught out like this. Next time I will be armed and ready with labour inducing techniques coming out my wahzoo (closely followed by a human being hopefully). I did a bit of research on the topic recently and compiled this little list so if you are keen to know what’s what in this department head on over to You and Baby and check it out. Or if you’ve used some of these yourself or something different altogether then leave me a comment and tell me all about it. I want details!

Psssst…if you click on this gorgeous baby belly (yes that’s me!) it will zoom you on right over there.

bringing on labour

Baby shower games it won’t take you ages to organise

If there’s one thing I know it is that , these days, most of us are time poor. So we don’t have time to sit around and sift through a gazillion baby shower games online wondering which are fun and not too hardcore to prepare. I’ve taken the hard work out of it for you (because I’m just nice like that) and put a list of my favourites together. ALL are super easy to organise and require limited materials. They are also a lot of fun to play.

So if you are in the market for easy baby shower games then click on the pretty pic below and it will zoom you right on over to my post. Ciao!

baby shower

Similar to many but different to most: My Birth Story – Part 3

…Continued from Part 2…

4 September 2011

Just after midnight: There was one moment when I was on the table getting prepped for theater and one of the Drs rocked up and started questioning the other one on whether or not this should be the course of action and if every possible thing had been done. I guess hospitals are very wary about delivering babies under a GA (general anesthetic). There is a lot of risk as the GA can affect the baby and it can come out not breathing. Thankfully this didn’t happen with Monkey. He came out crying apparently.

At that moment, when I thought this whole thing might not come off because of another silly Dr who doesn’t have a clue what is going on, I almost burst into tears. I honestly thought they might send me back up to deliver naturally. But then the Dr said “No, this one has had enough. It’s time to take her in.”  I could have kissed that Dr. Continue reading

Similar to many but different to most: My Birth Story – Part 2

…Continued from Part 1...

Saturday, 3 September

So on we travel. As soon as the waters are broken (not painful btw) I start having proper contractions. They make a decision to hold off starting the induction IV until 6am the following morning so I can have a chance to rest that night. The midwife offers me some panadeine to dull the contraction pain and give me a chance to rest. I don’t take it (although I did encourage M have some rest) and I do regret that now. Instead I wanted to stay up and work with the contractions. I was living in hope that I’d be dilated enough by 6am that they’d decide I didn’t need the IV induction meds after all. Continue reading

Similar to many but different to most: My Birth Story – Part 1

The day of my induction

The day of my induction

So if you’ve rocked up here thinking that “birth story” is probably a metaphor for something else (like this) then you will be sorely disappointed. Today I am actually going to be telling the story of how I tried to squeeze a little human out of my vajayjay. So if that’s all a bit gross sounding for you then hey, that’s totally cool. You can shuffle along and I won’t be offended and you won’t be grossed out so everyone wins. You can pop back next time when the topic is more intriguing for you and involves less talk about my vajayjay.

Good, glad we got that out of the way.

Now this birth was quite the saga (hence the fact that it’s in 3 parts) so I’m going to attempt (and I’m just saying attempt now peoples, there are no promises) to remain articulate and succinct and not go on tangents or mosey along totally unrelated paths. Kind of how I am now. So, let’s get this party started and get into it.  Continue reading

Why the position of your child’s cot is important.

A good example of a cot placed in the middle of the wall, away from the window

A good example of a cot placed in the middle of the wall, away from the window

There has to be at least one person who reads that headline and honestly thinks I’m going to be talking about Feng Shui. I wish I was talking about Feng Shui. It would be a much lighter topic than that of which I speak today. Anyway, if you did rock up thinking I was talking about Feng Shui please stay, as if you are going to be putting a cot up in a room soon then this is information you need to know. Continue reading

Perception versus reality and how that relates to a princess and childbirth.

Waiting in line at the supermarket this week I noticed something really interesting.  Here’s a clue:

uh oh we have the same cover as our arch enemy!

uh oh we have the same cover as our arch enemy!

whoops-a-daisy...wish we didn't chop her head off

whoops-a-daisy…wish we didn’t chop her head off










If you are looking at this and saying yeah so what they are magazines (and that is so not interesting) then let me spell it out for you….they are rival magazines with the exact same cover photo of the darling little prince.  EXACT SAME PHOTO.

Now I don’t know the exact number of photos that were taken of this blessed event but I’m going to hazard a guess and say oh around 43 714. The fact they both chose the same one for the cover, well that’s just a wee bit funny.  But wait, that’s not the interesting part.

The line at the supermarket was long so I stared at these mags for longer than I might have normally. And this got my brain ticking over. Here’s what happened: Continue reading