Week 8 – Couch to 5k

This week sees me do 3 runs at 28 mins per run. My aim is to keep increasing the speed.

Day 1
Overall Pace:  10.3kph
Overall distance: 4.80km
Time: 28:00
Fastest interval: 10.3 kph
Longest interval: 4.80 km

An increase in pace even with the 3 min time increase. This is a good result. I’m really happy with it.

Day 2
Overall Pace:  10.4kph
Overall distance: 4.86km
Time: 28:00
Fastest interval: 10.4 kph
Longest interval: 4.86 km

Still improving! Yay!!


Day 3
Overall Pace:  9.8kph
Overall distance: 4.57km
Time: 28:00
Fastest interval: 9.8 kph
Longest interval: 4.57 km

Things started falling apart a bit around this point. I did a couple of runs I couldn’t even finish. I have no idea why I am sucking so much.

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