That time I ran 14kms to mostly pop music and didn’t die…

…from the run OR the music.

I can’t believe it has taken me a week to actually write this post. It was pretty much one of the most exhilarating experiences of my entire life and I have been composing it in my head ever since I did the actual run, but a series of boring events that go something like computer issues and blah blah blah have meant that it has taken me until now to write the damn thing. But you don’t care about that. Actually I’m not sure you even care about this but I’m going to tell you anyway.

What else is a blog for if not for blabbing about something you did that rocked your world?

Ummmm don’t answer that.

So, the run. Well to be honest, I really didn’t think I was going to make it there for awhile.

I decided to do the City to Surf, the big arse 14km run Sydney hosts each year that funnily enough runs form the city to the beach, on an absolute whim. Continue reading

My so not cool City2Surf Running Playlist

finish lineMy City2Surf playlist, which I put together on Spotify in the end, totally rocked it although I didn’t need the music a lot of the time. The course has bands ever km or so and there are literally people everywhere however it was pretty awesome at some key points along the way. I played the list on shuffle so had no idea what would come on when but someone somewhere in the universe was looking after me that day and rockin’ the perfect tracks at the perfect time.

My favs across the day were: Continue reading

Why sign up for a 10k when you can do a 14k instead?

So I’m doing it. I’m getting on board with these health and fitness declarations again and mine is this:on August 10 I’m going to run the 14km City to Surf event in Sydney. Despite the fact that I am yet to even run 10km without stopping I am going to do this and I’m going to do it real good.


See. Hardly anyone runs the dam thing.

Continue reading

Road Runner: BEEP BEEP

Road runner image

This was me yesterday

This was me yesterday. Burning up a dust cloud behind me.

It was my first ever “official run” and it’s really not even THAT official, just officially timed but it was with a group of 57 other lovelies so it kind of felt like a proper competition run.

I rocked up at the venue (aka the park) and there were a bunch of other people standing around in shiny lycra Continue reading

I finished the sucker

Yup, that’s right folks. I finished the Couch 2 5k program. It only took me about 6 months instead of the suggested 9 weeks but WHO CARES?

My times are much slower now than they were pre my North America trip and the only thing I can put that down to is diet. BUT again I say, who cares? I finished it. I can now run for 30mins straight no problem and most times I do more than 5ks in 30 mins.

So what now? Continue reading

Just because the head beats you one day, doesn’t mean that it’s over every day: The secret to keeping your New Year’s resolutions.

New Year meme

Number 1 on the resolution list this year!

I figured that as it is New Year’s Eve that I should write the obligatory post about resolutions. Which makes it sounds like I hate resolutions and I so don’t!! They are awesome and I think I have cranked out 8 for 2014 so far. Boy am I motivated this year (compared to last year when I could come up with only one – flossing my teeth daily – and then proceeded to never do it).

So yes, resolutions.

But then Continue reading

Couch to 5k update – a teeny bit of starting over

The holiday is over baby... Image credit:

The holiday is over baby…
Image credit:

So this is where this whole shamozzle is at.

Lately, there’s been more of the couch and less of the 5k. If I was on track as planned then I’d be at about week 7 of the program by now but of course, I’m not on track.

Around the end of week 3 I got sick with a throat infection so that led to a little (1 week) pause. I started back at the beginning of week 4 and things were going well and BOOM got sick again. Seriously. I must have the immune system of a newborn. Continue reading

I love spring but for one teeny thing

This was me this morning!

This was me this morning!

In Australia, Spring is Magpie season. For those of you who don’t know what a magpie is, it is a bird. An evil, evil bird and in Spring I detest the little buggers (they actually aren’t so bad the rest of the year).  They nest in Spring time so they become very protective of their little area of the world at this time of year. It’s the daddy bird that gets all crazy. No one is to be stealing his babies.

Now I get that. I don’t want anyone stealing my babies either but I need to ask, when was the last time a human even stole a magpie baby????? Did we do it in caveman times and they have simply never forgiven us nor forgotten the experience? What is with that overly defensive approach they have going on?

So like I said, Spring = magpies. Spring in Australia starts officially on 1 September and in my experience I’ve found the maggies pretty right on with their scheduling. Except this year. This year the little Continue reading