Week 9 – Couch to 5k – THE FINAL WEEK

The final week! I can’t believe it! I’ve actually made it here. Wonders will never cease! The week consists of 3 x runs at 30min each.

Day 1
Overall Pace:  9.3kph
Overall distance: 4.66km
Time: 30:00
Fastest interval: 9.3 kph
Longest interval: 4.66 km

Today was my 2nd run with my new running partner. She is just getting back into after a couple of kids so is a little slower than me and doesn’t do quite the same distance hence the slower overall time. We stopped at 17 mins at which point we were on 9.8kph. She finished here and I continued on for the remaining 13 mins.  I decided to run home which was a mistake as it meant crossing roads etc and I think this is what slowed me down in the end. I feel confident I could have maintained the 9.8kph if I’d not done that. No faster though. My legs were killing me from a bodyweight routine I’d done at home the day before! OMG! Talk about effective! Who needs weights?


Day 2
Overall Pace:  10.3kph
Overall distance: 5.14km
Time: 30:00
Fastest interval: 10.3 kph
Longest interval: 5.14 km

Yay! My first ever 5k within 30mins. Awesome! I CAN do it. I did this run while we were away for the weekend and it felt quite easy. Just goes to show what a difference changing your running route can make.

Day 3
Overall Pace:  9.9kph
Overall distance: 4.96km
Time: 30:00
Fastest interval: 9.9 kph
Longest interval: 4.96 km

Disappointed with the overall pace so a frustrating note to finish on but FUCK IT. I did it! I finished the course.

Watch out for my stats from future programs. Next I’m going to do a 5k improver to see if I can’t get that speed happening.

Leave me a comment! The empty box is feeling so lonely.

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