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So it’s like this lovelies, I am taking a wee break. There are lots of things going on here at the moment. There’s a business idea floating around and I’m doing lots of reading and learning to see if I can make it and some other ideas work and sadly,  I am fresh out of time for anything else.

Turns out that while I can multi task, 7,537 tasks is actually about one task too many.

It makes me sad as I love my blogging but it is only a wee break. After only 2 weeks I’ll be back to regale you with my nonsense.

See you for my next post on 4 March.



Where’s my freaking Valentine?

Heart pic found at park

Thought I’d rock out this old chestnut again. Seems appropriate!

I love Valentine’s Day. I really do. I KNOW it’s a Hallmark holiday. I get it. I don’t care.

It’s all mushy hearts and flowers and even though I practice being a tough bitch on the outside, I am really quite romantic and sensitive on the inside. I want the flowers at work; the romantic dinner; the box of chocolates; the serenading at my window (not by you creepy weird guy); the blah blah vomit blah. Continue reading

We don’t want to find out what it is as we want it to be a surprise.

boy girl surprise pic

From jonnygoldstein.com – click over and read his post on the “baby surprise”

This is the phrase you hear bandied about by pregnant people who opt not to find out the gender of their unborn child. I get it, you don’t want to find out. I didn’t want to either. I figured this would be the biggest surprise of my life so might as well wait until the big moment. But our circumstances were different than I’d planned. Daddy bear was living 10 hours away from me and in-utero child so I decided to let him win that round in the hope that it would help him feel more involved in the process. Let’s face it, pregnancy is very much an external process for the guys.  Anyway, it worked for us and I have no regrets and each to their own I say.

But this, this ‘we want to save it for a surprise” reason, is amusing. So I’m going to bang on about it for a bit and have a laugh. Continue reading

Dr Joshi’s Holistic Detox – Food Diary – Week 3

Dr Joshi's Book

Dr Joshi’s Book. 


Day 1

Hot lemon drink

B: puffed brown rice, millet, walnuts, honey and rice milk

L: leftover chicken pattie + sweet potato chips (homemade)

D: chicken, pumpkin and broccoli stiry fry – I adapted this Donna Hay recipe

Snacks: snow peas, celery, carrot with hummus Continue reading

That one time, back then, when I called off my wedding 6 weeks before the big day.

Cancelled signNow before you assume I’ve used some sort of trickery with my headline to get you to read this post, let me assure you that I did once call my wedding off 6 weeks before the date. For real. As an engaged grown up. To a real man. Yes, it is all THAT.

By far and away the most common comment I get from people when they hear this story is

“Oh you were very brave to do that”.

My reply is always the same.

Actually, I don’t think so. Brave is turning up on your wedding day and actually getting married to the person that you know is the wrong guy.

Now before you go and assume that maybe I just had pre-wedding jitters Continue reading

Two more deaths this week

Cord safety - ACCC

Taken from ACCC safety guide + article on Essential Baby

Quite a few months ago now I blogged about why the position of your child’s cot is important. Namely it’s blind cords that are the issue. They kill. And far too frequently.

In this last week in Australia, two more infants have died because they have strangled themselves with the cord while in their cot. Kiddies don’t see cords as dangerous. They look fun. They can hang from them and maybe turn upside down. Fun stuff like that. Fun stuff that will strangle them. And you won’t necessarily hear them die.

I’m sorry if this sounds like a really harsh blunt way to put it but it is a really harsh blunt thingand we need to be clear about this to everyone.

No beds near cords.

Period. The end. No further discussion.

While they are a danger at any young age (apparently there have been deaths up to 10 years of age) this seems to be a particular issue with those just over 1 year of age. Maybe it is because they are getting more inquisitive then. They don’t want to sleep, they can stand up in the cot, they can often walk and they are really getting into play. BUT they also have a serious lack of understanding about the world around them and no real idea yet about consequences. They don’t see a cord and wonder if it will hurt them as mostly, the world hasn’t hurt them yet (thankfully) so they have no real world knowledge and experience to apply to this situation. Or even the ability to do that even if they did. Their little brains are still growing.

So you need to help them.

And get that motherfucking bed away from the blinds. And observe them when they are playing near blinds. Teach them about the dangers and beware of the hazards.

For those with older style vertical blinds in their home, you can remove the chains along the bottom and the blinds will work fine.

Some other mums left some great ideas on my original post for keeping cords safe. There are all sorts of ways around it out there so pop on over and have a look.

Now let’s create some more awareness about this and see if we can’t save a few lives.

Dr Joshi’s Holistic Detox – Food Diary – Week 2

Dr Joshi's Book

Dr Joshi’s Book.

Day 1

Hot water with lemon and ginger – REMEMBERED!

B: egg white omelette with chicken, broccoli and left over peas and gravy from last night’s roast (egg whites left over from homemade mayo recipe) – 4 egg whites plus one whole egg but I shared about 1/3 of the finished product with Monkey

L: quinoa, chicken and homemade pesto all mixed together

D: red lentil + vegetable patties (cauliflower, butternut pumpkin and broccoli) rolled in rice crumbs and shallow fried

Snacks: only herbal tea today and a few sunflower and pumpkin seeds. My meals were so filling I didn’t need anything else. Continue reading