Dr Joshi’s Holistic Detox – Food Diary – Week 3

Dr Joshi's Book

Dr Joshi’s Book. 


Day 1

Hot lemon drink

B: puffed brown rice, millet, walnuts, honey and rice milk

L: leftover chicken pattie + sweet potato chips (homemade)

D: chicken, pumpkin and broccoli stiry fry – I adapted this Donna Hay recipe

Snacks: snow peas, celery, carrot with hummus

Day 2

Hot lemon and ginger drink

B: puffed brown rice, millet, walnuts, honey and rice milk

L: leftover pumpkin and chicken stirfry (was great reheated) + corn cob

D: Turkey meatloaf made using the same recipe as Sunday night’s chicken rissoles, just with turkey mince instead. I also added some of the homemade pesto. Served with sweet potato mash and bed of baby spinach and rocket (arugula) coated with freshly squeezed lemon.

Snacks: didn’t snack today. Was too busy.

Day 3

B: green banana smoothie

L: leftover turkey meatloaf and sweet potato mash

D: chicken breast, homemade roast carrot and parsnip chips (yummy!) and peas

Snacks: carrot, celery, snow peas

Day 4

B: poached egg on gluten free toast with rocket (arugula) and lemon juice squeezed over the top with salt and pepper.

L: chicken breast (leftover) + salad of baby spinach, rocket and grated carrot.

D: salmon fillet + veges (broccoli, carrot, peas with lemon juice)

Snacks: the gluten free dairy free tortilla chips with flaxseed. Couldn’t resist them at the shop. They are amazing.

Day 5

B: puffed brown rice, millet, walnuts, honey and rice milk

L: salmon fillet (leftover from last night), green salad of rocket, baby spinach and carrot with lemon juice squeezed on top.

D: turkey meatloaf (last of leftovers), homemade sweet potato chips, peas and beans

Snacks: soy coffee, celery, snow peas, carrot, vege chips

I allowed myself a coffee at Mother’s Group today. Since I started eliminating most of this stuff the week before the detox started I decided to be a little more flexible. At Mother’s Group there are always cakes and other treats available and today I decided I would let myself have one. I desperately wanted a coffee but was afraid of the milk. I thought a massive intake of dairy like that would probably make me sick. So I was delighted when I found my friend had soy milk. And it was actually a nice one. I’m not a massive fan of soy in general for other reasons but once in awhile for a coffee I think will be OK. I really really enjoyed it and do not regret it at all.

Interestingly, even though I gave myself a leave pass for other treats I found I didn’t really want them. I’m feeling so great without the sugar, dairy and gluten in my diet (I particularly think that the no gluten is working really well) that I’m not really willing to risk ruining it. It’s not that I won’t ever but definitely not yet. We took vege chips again which fit into my restrictive diet and they are treat enough.

Day 6

B: hard boiled eggs x 2 + gluten free toast

L: wasn’t very hungry…just grazed all day…see snacks

D: ATE OUT AT MEXICAN RESTAURANT – this was challenging.

Snacks: carrot and celery sticks, flaxseed tortilla chips

Dinner at Mexican was really difficult. They had some gluten free choices but not many and NO dairy free. I got a meatball tapas dish (again wasn’t so hungry – not sure what was up with that). It obviously contains meat which is off the list but as we are so close to the end of the program I figured starting to introduce would do no harm. The dish also had a tomato flavoured sauce and fetta. I haven’t had tomatoes the whole detox and I figured the fetta would be in chunks and I’d be able to eat around it. The fetta was melted so that wasn’t so easy. Oh and the dish was served with rice.

It was actually a really really delicious dish and I would definitely order it again. However, it did see me reading my book on the throne (you know, the bathroom one) for a good stretch once I got home. As there are so many of my no-no foods in that one dish it is impossible to put my finger at the problem but if I had to guess, I’d say it was the dairy.

Day 7

Pumpkin pasta dish

The last supper

B: Buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup and banana – modified* this recipe to suit. Delicious!

L: Lightly toasted gluten free roll with chicken, hummus, baby spinach, rocket, grated carrot and lemon juice.

D: Rice pasta with homemade pumpkin + cannellini bean sauce

Snacks: carrot sticks and homemade hummus

*Modifications to pancake recipe were: no dates or blueberry sauce. Added a heaped metric teaspoon of natvia (natural sweetener from stevia plant) as I was worried about them lacking sweetness without the dates. It worked perfectly.

Dinner was amazing and my first recipe from my recent purchase of the Cut out the Crap books. The books contain recipes that are Dairy, Gluten and Preservative free and are amazing. I have the basic book, the one for kids and the one with style (fancier food basically). The recipe was soooo easy. I actually added the cannellini beans for protein – they weren’t part of the recipe. I boiled them up with the pumpkin and then it all went into the food processor to make a paste. So in the end it is just sauce over pasta. Easy. I highly recommend these books if you have allergies to cook for or simply just want some healthy easy cooking ideas. None of the recipes seem overly complicated and most contain ingredients I would usually have hanging around. Winning!

The Verdit:

This week was a lot easier than last week. I feel healthier and really committed to maintaining a lifestyle of eating with whole foods. I’m actually going to stay gluten and dairy free for awhile yet. I have no particular plan for time at the moment, I just know that I feel a lot better without it. The idea of having cow’s milk in my coffee makes me a bit queasy and there is something that is telling me to stay off the wheat, so I’m going to do that.

I won’t get all crazy about it when I’m out. If it’s hard to find a suitable option then I will let something sneak in but at home, where I am preparing the food, I am going to maintain a gluten free dairy free household. Bring on that fruit though. I can’t wait to eat a fucking apple. No joke.

This week I lost 1.2kg which brings total loss for the detox to 3kgs (give or take 100g). Dr Joshi promises 5kg but I think I did a few more sneaky things than he intended AND I did roast things in oil a lot so perhaps it was higher fat than it was supposed to be. I didn’t do this for weight loss but the few kilos are a nice bonus. If you were going to do this for weight loss I think you’d have to be a bit realistic and understand that as soon as you went back to your old way of eating you’d probably put at least half of it back on. So keep that in mind.

I’m going to do a wrap up post in the next week or so of things I loved and hated and also what I’m keeping in the diet a few weeks on. Until then, we are done with detox posts.

No cheering.


I can hear you.




28 thoughts on “Dr Joshi’s Holistic Detox – Food Diary – Week 3

  1. That’s really awesome. I haven’t made the attempt to cut fruit or dairy yet. I like them both. A lot. Lol. I already used almond and coconut milk so dairy is basically Greek yogurt and cheese for me 🙂 We do well on gluten free though. I’m a fan.

    • I am a cheese addict so thought I’d be aching to get back on it as soon as the detox was over but I feel the DF and GF have really had a positive effect though so it is easier to stick to it. I’m not saying I’ll never have cheese but I’ll approach it with caution and have it irregularly. I’ve ordered some nutritional yeast which vegans use in cooking as a cheese replacement (they use it to make vegan mac and cheese and put on pastas, pizzas etc). I’ll do a post once I’ve used it a bit if you are interested.

    • Oh I looooove great bread but honestly find it few and far between these days. Plus we really love our new GF bread. It is so good, a fact about which I’m still surprised! I have a no knead artisan bread recipe that I am going to try with GF flour. I’ll post (if it’s a success LOL). I’m honestly not a big bread eater on a day to day basis which is why I haven’t really missed it. I’m not saying I’ll never eat another crusty white roll but like cheese it will be a special occurrence rather than a regular thing.

  2. Well done,haven’t been able to follow your journey as much as I wanted as work has been silly busy, but it looks like u are doing brilliantly. My plan was tee hard keep up for reasons so I’m back to bubbling stomach. Might cut wheat …we see, on going. Pat on back!!!

  3. This weekend I picked up my first “bountiful basket”. It’s a local co-op and for $15 (I can’t translate that for you, sorry) you get 50% fruit and 50% veggies that are worth $50. It was awesome. It is forcing me to eat all of my fruit and veggies! I already signed up for next weeks delivery – so I really have to eat all of the fruit and veggies! Of course, it came with zucchini, and I meant to grill it up fresh and instead I made my first loaf of zucchini bread! 🙂 But, since Mr. T doesn’t like asparagus, I steamed the whole bunch and spritzed them with some olive oil and sprinkled some parm cheese on them and ate them for lunch!
    Anyway, I am cheering, so very glad that your detox is going well!!

    • Oh yum! We have boxes like that in AUS but they don’t deliver here. Fortunately I live in an area with lots of farmers and I can get locally grown produce super easy. Hey I was thinking about you on my run today and wondering how you and Mr T are going with your outdoor Couch to 5k?

    • hehe it actually wasn’t too bad! He had either the same as me or similar (he enjoyed the turkey meatloaf and rissoles and he got crumbed fish when I had salmon but all in all he did very well). And he loves the GF bread! He eats more sandwiches now than ever!!! Kids sometimes really surprise you I think.

  4. Bravo on committing to this holistic menu. It has rebooted some of my ideas so thanks for inspiring! Going to start with a hot water and lemon slice and see what happens 😉

  5. really interesting food choices, i must try! i have just started on the warm lemon drinks each day. i have had less irritable bowel symptoms and am picking up less viruses/bugs! wish i’d started sooner. ive been adding honey for a bit of sweetness and also it’s anti-bacterial qualities but i never thought of adding ginger!

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