Where’s my freaking Valentine?

Heart pic found at park

Thought I’d rock out this old chestnut again. Seems appropriate!

I love Valentine’s Day. I really do. I KNOW it’s a Hallmark holiday. I get it. I don’t care.

It’s all mushy hearts and flowers and even though I practice being a tough bitch on the outside, I am really quite romantic and sensitive on the inside. I want the flowers at work; the romantic dinner; the box of chocolates; the serenading at my window (not by you creepy weird guy); the blah blah vomit blah. I want it all! I want to feel like a fairytale princess who has just met her prince on but one day per year. What the fuck is wrong with that? (Can you say fuck when you are talking about love?).

But nooooooo. As I’ve had the audacity to harbour this love for Valentine’s Day in my heart for fucking years the universe has conspired to ensure I never get to enjoy it. I once dated a guy on and off for 5 years and we had this really nifty thing going where we’d break up right around Christmas and patch it up just after V Day. Of course. Talk about fabulous timing. Interesting pattern there though.

I do remember, one time, centuries ago, where I had a boyfriend on V Day and we did go out to dinner. We had been super busy and hadn’t had time to go out and get cards before the actual day. We had his super cute daughter for the day (she was still quite small and in a pram) and I remember we went to the shops and I waited with the pram (and the cute kid, I’m not an idiot) while he went to purchase the card and then we did swapsies. When we rocked up on the night we swiftly handed our cards over and tore into them at the same time…only to find we had bought each other theΒ same card.

Ahhhh now if that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.

(It wasn’t. I even tried dating him again 13 years later. It wasn’t. But it makes a nice story.)

What about you? What do you think of V Day?

This rant has been brought to you by the Daily Prompt’s Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?



35 thoughts on “Where’s my freaking Valentine?

  1. I wonder if our expectations on v day are…hmm smaller, easier to fulfill, less diappointments? Because for us it is the day of friendship. So no big dramas, but I guess also no great stories. Maybe then more boring too? But I kind of like the rereminder of appreciating the people who make life worth living. But there will definitely be a nice dinner and small surprises on our Friday night sofa date with my husband, after all, he is my dearest friend too.

  2. I love Valentine’s Day too. My BF and I are teachers at the same school so I’ve bought a rose from the student council to be delivered to him during the day (alongside all the other student roses). I’m hoping to embarrass him just a little bit. Romance and some healthy embarrassment all rolled into one delightful stem.

  3. Last time when I had a boyfriend on Valentine’s day it was not so popular yet here in The Netherlands and most people didn’t really celebrate it. And it was also NOT rock n roll to celebrate V-day at all. The closest we came to going to a restaurant of Valentine’s day was when I burned dinner and then we went the restaurant around the corner (which was filled with happy, romantic looking and therefor pathetic couples) to pick up a pizza to eat it in front of the tele with a beer.

  4. We’ve never really bothered. But dh always makes sure he gets me flowers. I hate flowers lol. Ah well the thought is there.
    This year we planning a weekend spa trip. Either this weekend or next. Toddler in toe. Fun right!

    I like the thought of a fairy tale but in reality No man can or is ever like that.

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  7. Our anniversary is two weeks before… so it’s like we’re already amped up on love for that (and we celebrate two days no less) that by the time Valentines comes up it’s like.. meh…I enjoy something small like a card or something.. a little bit of effort at least.. but I don’t want to get or do anything big.

  8. I just can’t keep up on anything–Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas–I gave up trying and let everyone else off the hook, too. If it wasn’t for my kids, I wouldn’t even know it was coming up. Except if it wasn’t for my kids–I might remember it and actually want to do something! (Said with love and a smile.)

  9. I love Valentine’s Day!! Every year growing up my parents got us all a card and box of chocolates. The worst day of my life was when I realized I was a grown up because dad didn’t get me a box of chocolates that year ;( But, I started that tradition with Mr. T, every year he wakes up to a box of chocolates and a card (funny story, there was this time I bought him a VDay card that was identical to the one I got him the year before… ).
    But, because I don’t have anyone on this day, when I buy Mr. T’s heart of chocolates, I buy me one, too!
    And, for the past several years, my friend Bert and I have had an anti-Valentine’s Day Date. We work in the same industry and meet up for lunch and he always brings me flowers or chocolates. I always get him something fun (last year it was a man-bouquet of beef jerky, sunflower seeds and mini bottles of whiskey). This year he’s getting “You’re one hot tamale” and a box of hot tamales. and “I’m beary glad you’re my friend” bag of gummy bears, etc.

    • Maybe I’ll do that for Monkey. My mum sent me a little parcel this week which was probably appropriately timed for Valentine’s Day, god love her. She gets me mothers day gifts too. I love that tradition with your friend. That’s awesome! I remember one year I caught up with a male friend for V Day. It got confusing and we ended up hooking up and then it fizzled lol

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  11. That’s funny about the card…my sister and I did that for each other’s birthdays one year. Her birthday is the day after mine πŸ˜‰ I love Valentine’s Day for the reason to force yourself to be extra loving and show it. My husband isn’t the most overtly romantic guy in the world so I wonder each year if he’ll even remember, he almost always surprises me thank goodness and I noticed in our bank account that he went to Hallmark. That made me smile. haha! poor guy, nothing gets past me. Hope you have a great Valentines too…is this the romantic wknd getaway?

  12. I have mixed feelings on V Day. On the one hand I think it’s so contrived that we need to be told that on this one specific day we’re supposed to be loving and romantic. Makes me feel like we’re a bunch of sheep… I get that for some people this may be the one time a year that something special is done (flowers, nice dinner, what have you), and that is, well, very sad if you ask me.

    Doing something special on V Day is an unexpected treat (one year he surprised me with a trip to Rome for the V Day weekend), but it’s not like that every year (obviously!) — which, in a way, makes it all the more special when we do splurge and do something crazy.

    What I don’t go for is the stupid (in my opinion) flower deliveries to the office. That makes me mental. First of all, are you keeping them at the office (likely not) – so you’ll be taking them home anyway. What is the point of sending them to the office then? I’ll tell you. It’s to SHOW OFF in front of the co-workers. And that, too, is super sad, to me anyway. People who have great romance in their lives don’t need to demonstrate it to the world with gestures like flower delivery to the office. It just is.

    My two cents.

    p.s. Of course you can say fuck, fucking, fucker in any blog post, V day, or otherwise. πŸ™‚

    • Haha I don’t mind the flowers at work. It’s nice for a person to be able to recieve them rather than pick them up on their doorstep when they get home at 7pm. I think it’s OK. πŸ™‚

      And WOW, Rome! What an amazing treat!!!!

      • Okay, I’ll give you that! My assumption was that for married couples (or those living together) it just seemed like more look-at-me motivated than anything else. I hadn’t considered the couple-apart situation. Maybe I’ll soften my stance on that. Although, on many levels I still think those public displays are more about bragging than about being romantic.

      • Oh and as a recipient of flowers at work,l in times past, I love it. Yes, it is telling the world but I’ve always loved that someone is swooning so much that they WANT to tell the world. I’m such a squishy romantic underneath. But only if it’s the right guy. If it’s someone I don’t feel the same about then it’s just plain awkward.

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  14. My husband surprised me with flowers WHILE I was telling someone I would rather if he bought me food. LOL. I gave him heart shaped brownies and that was it! We couldn’t get away from work and when I came home our son had a fever. So I guess we have to wait for next year to have a Valentine’s date. LOL
    I hope you and the little had a lovely Vday!

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