Breastfeeding…pumping and feeding…comp feeding…we did it all in this corner

I was what I like to call a “combination feeding” mama. We had a crack at everything over in this corner.

There’s not right or wrong way, just your way, but if you are interested in what we did and how/why we did it then you can take a squiz at the post I wrote about it all for the You and Baby blog. If you are interested then click the pic below of Monkey (asleep on my booby post feed) and it will zoom you right on over.

Nom nom booby juice makes me sleeeeeepy.

Nom nom booby juice makes me sleeeeeepy.


Sorry but I just didn’t enjoy breastfeeding…

There. I said it. It’s out there. I didn’t enjoy breastfeeding.  You can all think I’m a big meany with a heart of stone now. I feel bad for being so ungrateful about it too as truth be told it came to me pretty easily. My milk was a bit slow coming in so there were a few days there where I was sitting in my pressure stockings and knickers with a double pump on (oh so glamorous) and that wasn’t much fun.  I’d do that for half the day, trying to tempt the milk to burst forth out of my rock hard boobies like it was supposed to and get about half a centimetre of milk dribble in the cup. That was a tad disheartening I will admit. I’d look at that cup and think how am I supposed to sustain a life on a dribble of milk? But we got there in the end.  Continue reading