We don’t want to find out what it is as we want it to be a surprise.

boy girl surprise pic

From jonnygoldstein.com – click over and read his post on the “baby surprise”

This is the phrase you hear bandied about by pregnant people who opt not to find out the gender of their unborn child. I get it, you don’t want to find out. I didn’t want to either. I figured this would be the biggest surprise of my life so might as well wait until the big moment. But our circumstances were different than I’d planned. Daddy bear was living 10 hours away from me and in-utero child so I decided to let him win that round in the hope that it would help him feel more involved in the process. Let’s face it, pregnancy is very much an external process for the guys.  Anyway, it worked for us and I have no regrets and each to their own I say.

But this, this ‘we want to save it for a surprise” reason, is amusing. So I’m going to bang on about it for a bit and have a laugh. Continue reading

Love takes time…or does it? Bonding with your baby.

me and my monkey

Attempting some of that early bonding

I have wanted to write this post for so long but I have really struggled with the content. I know there is something important here to talk about but I have been frightened to put it all down.  I’m mostly frightened because I don’t want for my son to one day read this and think that for one moment in his beautiful little life that I didn’t love him because that is not true at all.  Continue reading

Confessions of a new mother

To be honest, I have many confessions as a new mother. Like how I didn’t bond with my baby right away and how I hated breastfeeding and how some days I wish I was back in full time work as that would be waaaaaaay easier than trying to keep my almost 2 year old terror happy and under control. But they aren’t the confessions of this particular post.

This post is about how I have never felt so one dimensional in my life as I did after my baby was born. I had a one track mind and I felt powerless to do anything about it. You can read all the gory details in my guest post over at You and Baby.  That cute little pic of me and my monkey below will zoom you right on over there as soon as you click on it so please, pop in, have a read and give me your thoughts.

me and my monkey

Perception versus reality and how that relates to a princess and childbirth.

Waiting in line at the supermarket this week I noticed something really interesting.  Here’s a clue:

uh oh we have the same cover as our arch enemy!

uh oh we have the same cover as our arch enemy!

whoops-a-daisy...wish we didn't chop her head off

whoops-a-daisy…wish we didn’t chop her head off










If you are looking at this and saying yeah so what they are magazines (and that is so not interesting) then let me spell it out for you….they are rival magazines with the exact same cover photo of the darling little prince.  EXACT SAME PHOTO.

Now I don’t know the exact number of photos that were taken of this blessed event but I’m going to hazard a guess and say oh around 43 714. The fact they both chose the same one for the cover, well that’s just a wee bit funny.  But wait, that’s not the interesting part.

The line at the supermarket was long so I stared at these mags for longer than I might have normally. And this got my brain ticking over. Here’s what happened: Continue reading

To routine or not to routine? What we did with our baby.

Rachel sleep sleep

Click on me and I’ll zoom you on over to my story.

So you’ve clawed your way through the first few months of parenting. Congratulations! You deserve a big pat on the back and a large glass of wine. Except you don’t feel like you do.

You think it should be getting easier but it’s not. Baby sleeps less in the day and wakes up more at night and you think maybe it’s time you checked into the crazy house as you aren’t sure what the hell is going on. Why isn’t it working?

That’s about where I was at when Monkey was 4 months old. And it went on like that for almost another 2 months before I made some changes. I’ve written our full story as a guest post for You and Baby so head on over and check it out.

It’s a good read. I promise. And it may even help you!

Pssssst if you click on the cute baby pic (yes that’s my monkey) he’ll shoot you right on over there.



The truth about making babies

Pic credit: myfertilitychoices.com

Pic credit: myfertilitychoices.com

Baby-dance: (verb) sex when fertile with the intention of getting knocked up

Yup. That’s what they call it. The baby-dance. I’ll bet you my $4 coffee money that if you are not yet a parent then you were living in ignorant bliss about this nice little phrase. Not anymore. Now you know and I bet you are all grossed out.

Well, you just wait as I’m not even close to done yet!

A couple of weeks ago “a friend” (it’s always a friend I know, but seriously, it IS) told me one of her baby-dance stories and it was sooooo amusing I begged her to let me share it with you.

For all you baby dance virgins out there let me assure you, this is pretty typical of sex according to the ovulation stick,

Click on me if you need help in this department

Click on me if you need help in this department http://www.babble.com

especially if you have been trying for awhile. Goodbye spontaneity, hello pressure.

Here’s the story:  Continue reading

Help! My kid is waking through the night again.

wake up mumAll parents say: once you have children you will never sleep again. And it pains me to say it but they are right. So. damn. right. Know it alls.

Once babies learn how to sleep through the night they apparently don’t stay sleeping through the night forever. Who knew?  I didn’t. I thought we did all that work teaching the little critter how to sleep so that this sort of crap wouldn’t happen but apparently it is a fool’s game. They do not stay sleeping through Continue reading

Rissoles: dairy free, gluten free and egg free and STILL YUMMY!!!!

What’s for dinner at your place tonight? If you are looking for something that is easy to prepare + delicious + healthy then give these rissoles a try. I made them with lamb mince but they’d work just as well with beef or chicken mince. Whatever you have on hand would be a-ok.

They can be dairy free, gluten free AND egg free and STILL DELICIOUS! How awesome is that? My toddler loves them. Click on the pic and it will take you to my recipe post over at the You and Baby blog.

Yummy rissoles

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Some light humour for the weekend.

I have shamelessly stolen this from the Mums who drink and swear Facebook page (don’t you hate how spell check always wants you to capitlise Facebook? I hate having to make it feel so important! And yes I realise it is a proper noun. So what.). Anyway I felt bad about the stealing so have also linked back to her website. If you click on the pic it will take you there. She is pretty funny.  As the title suggests there is swearing involved so be warned.  Have a great weekend everyone!

What to expect


10 Things I Wasn’t Prepared for as a Parent

Oh boy, yesterday was quite simply one of those days. You know the ones. The mummy meltdown days.  We had what I like to call Whine Fest 2013 at my place and although we had only one attendee he made up for it with gusto and enthusiasm. And to be honest I seriously thought to myself a number of times “I didn’t know it was going to be like this”. I’m not sure why I am so surprised. They are little humans after all and can get out of bed and have a crap day like anyone else. And clearly I was having a crap day too as it seemed my supply of patience had all but run out and that’s not every day me either. So while I was wallowing in self pity about my crappy day I started to think about what else I missed the memo on when it came to parenting. It certainly has its fair share of surprises. Here are the ones that I was completely clueless about.  Continue reading