So long, farewell. La la la la la la

past future

And suddenly I am singing in the hills of Austria.


In all seriousness I am now here to say my goodbyes (if anyone is even still following this blog). I think it is pretty clear that I don’t intend on posting here anymore and WordPress just sent me an invoice to renew my domain and I was all like “why the hell would I be paying that” and turned off the auto renew function.

So in around a month they will steal back my domain name and I’m assuming this blog will be no more.

It’s been fun kids. I’ve loved meeting you all and sharing your stories. Thank you SO much for reading mine. But now it’s time to take mine away and settle for boring my neighbour with them.

I will probably start blogging again in the future but at a different place where the blog reflects where I am at with my life now. It just doesn’t seem to fit in this house anymore. I need a new house but the market isn’t working for me right now. It is a task for future me, I think.

Thanks for always keeping it real with me peeps.  Wishing you all the reward of a new hello, right when you need it.


Rachael + Monkey xxx

aka mummyflyingsolo


“Halloween is Un-Australian”

monkey and me halloweenWe went ‘trick or treating’ for the first time this year and damn it was fun. Fancy dress and sweets; what’s not to love about it? Plenty if you let the haters get in your way.

Halloween and the costume/trick or treating phenomenen have been reasonably slow traditions to come to Australia. I’m 37 and we never did anything to do with it as kids. What little I knew of Halloween came from spooky books and movies. It wasn’t until I actually had an American best friend that I realised that you could dress up as anything you wanted for Halloween, it didn’t HAVE to be something scary. At this point I was 30 but despite this I started to embrace the idea. One is never too old for dress ups and the idea of being able to dress up  as anything seemed waaaaay more fun.  Continue reading

What we are teaching our children by worshipping Elsa

Oh look. I’ve come out of hiatus to bitch about Frozen. Let it go, bitches. Let it go!

Recently I had the joy of sitting down and watching Frozen all the way through. I still don’t get the song (sorry but I really don’t like it) but I did enjoy the film. What a little hero Anna is!

Yes, Anna.

For some reason as she is the plainer, less magical sister wearing a sensible shawl the entire film she seems to take a back seat to the all powerful Queen Elsa and to put it bluntly, this pisses me off.

cast photo frozen

Look at Elsa all front and centre like she is the STAR

What are we doing by encouraging this? Continue reading

That time I ran 14kms to mostly pop music and didn’t die…

…from the run OR the music.

I can’t believe it has taken me a week to actually write this post. It was pretty much one of the most exhilarating experiences of my entire life and I have been composing it in my head ever since I did the actual run, but a series of boring events that go something like computer issues and blah blah blah have meant that it has taken me until now to write the damn thing. But you don’t care about that. Actually I’m not sure you even care about this but I’m going to tell you anyway.

What else is a blog for if not for blabbing about something you did that rocked your world?

Ummmm don’t answer that.

So, the run. Well to be honest, I really didn’t think I was going to make it there for awhile.

I decided to do the City to Surf, the big arse 14km run Sydney hosts each year that funnily enough runs form the city to the beach, on an absolute whim. Continue reading

My so not cool City2Surf Running Playlist

finish lineMy City2Surf playlist, which I put together on Spotify in the end, totally rocked it although I didn’t need the music a lot of the time. The course has bands ever km or so and there are literally people everywhere however it was pretty awesome at some key points along the way. I played the list on shuffle so had no idea what would come on when but someone somewhere in the universe was looking after me that day and rockin’ the perfect tracks at the perfect time.

My favs across the day were: Continue reading

Smacking children…a parent’s right, or not?

I have written this blog post a million times over for months on end. It has been sitting in my drafts being reworked and reworded over and over again. I do not want to sound condescending or righteous but I do want to open a discussion about this. It is an important conversation to have. I’m not sure I’ve even got it right in this post. I WANT it to be better. But it seems that, when it comes to this topic, this is really the best I can do.

smackingSmacking kids has probably been happening since the dawn of time. Kid misbehaves, give it a little whack. Is that OK? I find myself asking this question more and more now that I’m a mum. Continue reading

Why sign up for a 10k when you can do a 14k instead?

So I’m doing it. I’m getting on board with these health and fitness declarations again and mine is this:on August 10 I’m going to run the 14km City to Surf event in Sydney. Despite the fact that I am yet to even run 10km without stopping I am going to do this and I’m going to do it real good.


See. Hardly anyone runs the dam thing.

Continue reading

Why I like the 50 Shades of Grey series

50 shades booksLet me start this by saying how much I love books. I read them, lots of them. I belong to a Bookclub and I read literature and shit. I do philosophy and love a good long convo solving the problems of the world when the mood strikes me. In short: I’m no dummy.

Liking these books does not make me a dummy. And creating something that’s an easy read doesn’t make the writer a dummy. In fact, this woman is far from a dummy. She’s probably made more money out of these trashy little reads than some of those dudes over there rolling out their literature so credit where credit is due I say.

For what it’s worth, even though I might get hate mail for it, here are the reasons why I like the 50 Shades books Continue reading

If this is having it all then it blows.

This week has been nothing short of batshit crazy.  In preparation for a prenancy/baby/children’s expo next weekend I have been working overtime to get things done with the new business so that they are up to scratch and ready. I have easily worked a standard full time week and I’ve done it in between looking after a sick child at home for 2 days and the standard weekly crap in our always busy schedule. Continue reading

Is it right for us to force gender stereotypes onto our children?

Recently I had an interesting conversation with my brother and his wife about a little boy and a dress.  This little boy was the son of friends of theirs and apparently he loooooves dresses. So wonderful parents bought him a dress and all was good with the world.

Then, the little boy grew out of his dress and he really wanted another one. He loved that dress so hard he just didn’t want to imagine life without it. So in the end his, parents, being awesome, bought him another dress. Then they posted a photo of him, in said dress, on Facey and gave a little run down of the story.  Continue reading