Why I like the 50 Shades of Grey series

50 shades booksLet me start this by saying how much I love books. I read them, lots of them. I belong to a Bookclub and I read literature and shit. I do philosophy and love a good long convo solving the problems of the world when the mood strikes me. In short: I’m no dummy.

Liking these books does not make me a dummy. And creating something that’s an easy read doesn’t make the writer a dummy. In fact, this woman is far from a dummy. She’s probably made more money out of these trashy little reads than some of those dudes over there rolling out their literature so credit where credit is due I say.

For what it’s worth, even though I might get hate mail for it, here are the reasons why I like the 50 Shades books (there are 3 in the series in case you didn’t know).

1. I’m not a wanker. See aforementioned comments on easy reads and being a dummy. Only wankers believe that the two are linked.

2. It was an easy read. Have you ever tried to write a book? Or even a short story? Was it shit? Did it make people’s eyes bleed trying to read it?

Writing something that is easy for people to read is exceptionally difficult. If you’ve ever tried to read Satanic Verses – the very definition of NOT an easy read – you will understand that not all books can be devoured in a day. They must flow to do that. They must provide a story that makes one want to keep reading. If it is boring as batshit people don’t read it. Full stop. Literature or not. It doesn’t matter if the sentence structures are simple as long as the story is keeping you going.

I, for one, love an easy read from time to time. Sometimes my brain has just come down from reading something far more taxing and it needs a wee rest before moving onto the next big philosophical life changing novel. I’m cool with that…because I’m not a wanker.

3. It got non readers reading. This is probably my most favourite thing about this book. It doesn’t need elaboration but I’m going to bang on about it a bit anyway. Reading is important. So so important. Why do we care if someone, who previously never read anything, chooses to only read trash because of this book? I’d rather someone read only Mill’s and Boon than not read at all. It is important for literacy and learning and articulation and imagination and…the list goes on. I know you see my point.

4. It got the sex happening in our bedrooms. Bored housewives all over the world were suddenly no longer too tired for the bedtime nooky. This book was saving relationships, EVERYWHERE! Enough said.

5. It deals with an issue we all have – navigating a relationship where there are competing desires and interests.  If you’d actually read past the first book, which was pure sensationalism, you would have found out that this wasn’t really a story about a dude who was into S&M. It was about how two people, who had previously wanted different things, found a way to be together because their love was worth it. Pure sop, crap, rubbish. Typical romance. She just spiced it up in the beginning and good for her. It worked.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I get why people are up in arms about the book and burning their bras all over town (or at least they were; how quickly we forget…). There are issues for people with the whole men enforcing their will and power over women, yada yada (not to trivialise the issue but there is no point banging on about it too much here as we all know the details).

Anyway, I get why it freaked the hell out of people. I also think they were over reacting. Anastasia was not a weak character. Yes, she loved Christian Grey. Yes, she did some things she previously hadn’t considered being into because she loved him. BUT she did also have the opportunity to not do those things and in fact, they did stop doing them for quite some time because she didn’t want to. He didn’t leave her. He still loved her. They worked their shit out.

Point being, it is only negative if someone is being made to do something they have said they don’t want to do. Like this:

“Honey, I want to tie you up and spank you”.

“No thanks”.

“Too bad I’m going to do it anyway, bitch”.

See that? That’s bad. That’s not what happened in this book.

Anastasia was pretty strong and feisty, truth be told, and by book 3 Christian was such a lovesick sap it was almost pathetic which makes for quite a different story than most people would lead you to believe about these books.

So tell me, did you read the 50 Shades series? What do you think about my thoughts?

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26 thoughts on “Why I like the 50 Shades of Grey series

  1. I thought it was dreadful. Not because I am a hipster poseur or anything, but because I found it decidedly unsexy. I was actually astounded by how unsexy it was because I was under the delusion there was some sort of 50 Shades baby-boom happening. I like my erotic fiction to be erotic, but I’m a bit weird like that.

  2. I tried to read it recently and having not known anything about it except it was about sex (don’t know what planet I was on) i had no idea it was trashy I fact thought it was literary! I was disappointed and had the feeling through all the third of it that I read that it must get “meatier” (no pun intended) BUT IT DIDNT! I hate leaving books unread, makes me feel all OCD but I did….however, reading your review I’m thinking maybe I should plough on but this time with different expectations…I do need something easy right now, the old brain is feeling frazzled!

  3. Can’t say I didn’t get through all 3 in a really short time… So I can’t say I didn’t like them! Didn’t love it – but wouldn’t have finished reading three books (on my iPhone!!) if I didn’t want to. I’m a sucker for seeing what all the hype is about when there is a lot of hype around something.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. I could tell straight off the bad that it wasn’t as well written as other books but who cares! It was a page turner and that’s the kind of book I love-one I can’t put down. In fact I’ve read them a few times. Not only did it get people reading, it got them TALKING about sex which is such a silly taboo. Good on the (now very rich) author, I say!!

  5. I read them all, mostly because I was desperately searching for another book series to love. I can’t say I “LOVED” them, but I did read them all because I have this issue with leaving things unfinished.

    I agree with you that it did get people reading, which is great. I also agree that she wasn’t a weak character. In fact, I would go so far as to say that she held the majority of the control in the relationship they formed which was exactly the opposite of what I expected from reading reviews about how “tawdry” it was.

    I wouldn’t call it a favourite, though. I tend to favourite more fantasy series, aka, Harry Potter, Hungry Games, etc.

  6. I read the first because of all the hype around it. While it wasn’t great writing (in my opinion), it was a fast and easy read, and one with flow. I read the next two not because I wanted to so much as I am a mental patient when it comes to loose ends. To not read the end of a story just niggles at me.

    My biggest criticism of the book is the premise itself: that is, that an absolutely gorgeous man, who happens to be a billionaire, with a very kinky fetish becomes obsessed with an average-to-plump plain looking girl who has barely finished college AND is a virgin. Seriously? In what universe? 🙂

    In NYC a couple of months ago I couldn’t find a Broadway show I wanted to see one specific night, so I decided to check out “50 Shades The Musical” (a parody). I was drying, Rach. Seriously peeing my pants laughing so hard. The writers of the play basically skewer the book (and us as readers) for buying into the story line. If the play ever comes to your area, check it out! It’s good for about 90 mins of laughs!

    Once I finished reading the series, I decided to look at what else was happening in the genre (because it seems there is a LOT of money to be made in writing this sort of drivel…). I stumbled upon another series by Sylvia Day – called the Crossfire series. The first book is Bared to You, then Reflected in You, and then Entwined with You. I actually found this series much better written and the characters (while seriously flawed) were much more believable. If you enjoyed the 50 Shades trilogy, I think you’ll really like the Sylvia Day crossfire trilogy. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

    • Ah I will and god help me I have to see that show! Will look into it. Thanks Nance! Oh and you are right – the premise is entirely ridiculous. Something all trashy books seem to have in common. It’s like the old porn movie where the postman comes to deliver the mail amd staus to have a threesome with 2 hot bimbos! Such a reality. Hehe

  7. I loved the books! The first one did have some scenes that made me uncomfortable because it did feel like I was seeing a private part of them, but once I made it to the 2nd and 3rd books I was so glad I made it through the first one! It was a fun read, it was inventive and it was a great story about relationships!

    Of course, I’ve seen the movie Brokeback Mountain, too – and that movie has the most romantic line I’ve ever heard “I wish I could quit you”. Swoon, makes my heart melt every single time!

  8. I read the three cover to cover. Enjoyed them, read bits of them to hubby, checked out a few other erotic books from kindle store and was quite surprised that, although unbelievable in lots of ways, some of the stories actually do have more to say than just sex. 50 Shades delved into the impact abuse could have on someone’s perceptions of how love or sex should be shown. At least, by the end of it, (that I can remember) Christian has learned something about love that he didn’t know in the beginning.
    As you say, it got lots of people talking about sexual expectations. I read them because a lot of the young staff members I work with were goggle-eyed at bits of it, gushing over Christian and flushing at the thought of what some people got up to in the name of sex. So I felt duty-bound to read it!!!!
    I have no time for people who diss books based on some intellectual snobbery. A good story is what I look for, something that holds my attention. Different occasions call for different kinds of reading. These suited me down to the ground at the time. Plus I got to scandalise the young ones by telling them that most of the stuff was fairly normal. 🙂

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