Why sign up for a 10k when you can do a 14k instead?

So I’m doing it. I’m getting on board with these health and fitness declarations again and mine is this:on August 10 I’m going to run the 14km City to Surf event in Sydney. Despite the fact that I am yet to even run 10km without stopping I am going to do this and I’m going to do it real good.


See. Hardly anyone runs the dam thing.

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Couch to 5k Update – This is what you get when you start feeling smug

Taken on my run in San Francisco

Taken on my run in San Francisco

Honestly, if someone had told me at the beginning of this “9 week” program that at 14 weeks later I would only be at the 6 week mark then I’m not sure I would have done it. Nine weeks alone seemed pretty long to commit to something. I’d just come off the back of the 30 day meditation challenge where I meditated every day for 30 days and I was feeling the pinch of committing to something on an ongoing basis.

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Similar to many but different to most: My Birth Story – Part 3

…Continued from Part 2…

4 September 2011

Just after midnight: There was one moment when I was on the table getting prepped for theater and one of the Drs rocked up and started questioning the other one on whether or not this should be the course of action and if every possible thing had been done. I guess hospitals are very wary about delivering babies under a GA (general anesthetic). There is a lot of risk as the GA can affect the baby and it can come out not breathing. Thankfully this didn’t happen with Monkey. He came out crying apparently.

At that moment, when I thought this whole thing might not come off because of another silly Dr who doesn’t have a clue what is going on, I almost burst into tears. I honestly thought they might send me back up to deliver naturally. But then the Dr said “No, this one has had enough. It’s time to take her in.”  I could have kissed that Dr. Continue reading

Similar to many but different to most: My Birth Story – Part 2

…Continued from Part 1...

Saturday, 3 September

So on we travel. As soon as the waters are broken (not painful btw) I start having proper contractions. They make a decision to hold off starting the induction IV until 6am the following morning so I can have a chance to rest that night. The midwife offers me some panadeine to dull the contraction pain and give me a chance to rest. I don’t take it (although I did encourage M have some rest) and I do regret that now. Instead I wanted to stay up and work with the contractions. I was living in hope that I’d be dilated enough by 6am that they’d decide I didn’t need the IV induction meds after all. Continue reading

Let’s talk about being fat

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I was reading a Facebook post the other day about a poor overweight mum whose little girl was told by another child at school that her mum is fat.  That is super cruel and awful. It  made the little girl really confused that someone would be so hurtful. She was very sad and the whole story was rather heartbreaking.

The woman, by her own admission, is overweight. In her case, a size 18. So what does that mean? Does it mean unhealthy? Well, it rarely ever means healthy. So what makes it unhealthy? If you can’t move well and therefore exercise because of the weight you are carrying around, that is unhealthy. If your body is suffering in any way because of the weight you are carrying around, that is unhealthy. If you are putting bad food and drink into your body on a regular basis, well that is unhealthy. Which is why it troubled me when I saw this comment:

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A bit of verbal diarrhea straight from the heart

Me just doing the LIFE thing.

Me just doing the LIFE thing.

How many posts actually use the word diarrhea in their header and get read do you think? Can’t be that many. It’s hardly enticing. But it aptly explains where I feel this post is going to go. Nowhere. But I’m going to take awhile about getting there. It’s the scenic route.

Some of my more regular readers will probably have noticed that I haven’t been around so much lately. I have had so much on that I’m struggling to find the time to think straight, let alone write. This post from Rose, one of my favourite bloggers, really nails how I feel right now. Specifically she says: Continue reading

30 Day Meditation Challenge Update – Week 3 – The Week that Sucked

bad weekDamn this week sucked.

I don’t know what the hell was going on but almost as soon as I pushed publish on last week’s gushy post things seemed to come undone a little. All of a sudden I was finding it so. hard. to meditate each day. Like walking through waist high mud hard. At the risk of repeating myself, it really sucked. I lost my temper with Monkey one morning when he didn’t deserve it. It was awful. I felt so guilty. He didn’t really understand what was going on either. He was just looking at me all upset with a sad confused look on his face. I felt awful. It was the low point.  Continue reading

I hope we don’t have to take our clothes off and touch each others chakras.

This came up when I put in "group meditation". Who knows...maybe they are meditating?

This came up when I put in “group meditation”. Who knows…maybe they are meditating?

I went to a group meditation the other day. My first thought when I go to one of these events is usually am I going to get talked into joining some hippy cult by a bunch of crazies? You know the type where we all take our clothes off and touch each other’s chakras. You think I’m overreacting but I’m not.

This actually happened to a friend of mine recently at a local ‘personal empowerment’ course. For those that don’t know there is a chakra right in the pubic area and yes there was touching of the stranger’s nudie bits after the underdressing. At the end of the course they invited everyone to go along and do a sex course as the next stage of their ‘personal development’. My “friend” was invited by his new lesbian course buddy who thought it would take her more out of her comfort zone to do it with a dude. My friend declined but then hinted maybe I’d go with him when he told me this story. I declined. So you see, I’m hardly overreacting. This region is hippie heartland I tell you.

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30 Day Meditation Challenge Update – Week 1

week 1Well week 1 is in the bag. Woo! I’m feeling pretty good about it.

I’ve done a little write up on the meditation style I’ve used every day over at my 30 day challenge project page so if you’d like the finer details then go check that out ——-> HERE.

Here’s the summarised version for you: Continue reading

30 day meditation challenge

meditation challenge

And so it begins.

I am actually feeling pretty excited about this challenge and the benefits that I feel a daily meditation will bring to my life.

So how’s it going to work? Well there’s a goal so that seems to be a good place to start. Continue reading