A bit of verbal diarrhea straight from the heart

Me just doing the LIFE thing.

Me just doing the LIFE thing.

How many posts actually use the word diarrhea in their header and get read do you think? Can’t be that many. It’s hardly enticing. But it aptly explains where I feel this post is going to go. Nowhere. But I’m going to take awhile about getting there. It’s the scenic route.

Some of my more regular readers will probably have noticed that I haven’t been around so much lately. I have had so much on that I’m struggling to find the time to think straight, let alone write. This post from Rose, one of my favourite bloggers, really nails how I feel right now. Specifically she says: Continue reading

Mediation with the ex


Sleep completely evades me tonight. I have honestly never felt so awake in the middle of the night. So here I am blogging at stupid o’clock (3:30am in case you are wondering).

Well this is hardly a topic that warms the cockles of your heart, I know. It is an event that seems to make many people really nervous though so I wanted to give you a bit of a  run down on the off chance that someone out there is feeling nervous right now and needs it. Knowledge is power. Even though you can’t know the outcome of your mediation or what might be said on the day (unfortunately those pesky exes don’t run to script) you can at least have a pretty decent idea on the process and believe me, that alone is pretty powerful.

So I should mention first of all that my experience with mediation was in NSW, Australia so the process I describe here is specific to they way they do it. However, I have spoken to someone undergoing mediation in QLD and it sounds pretty similar. I think you will find that to be the case no matter where you go. After all, the intent is to achieve the same goal.

In some cases mediation will be court ordered but in our situation I elected to go. It makes no difference. Your process will be the same regardless.   Continue reading

Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

anxietyAnxiety can be quite the roaring beast that takes over your life if you let it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  So how do you get rid of anxiety or panic attacks? Well the trouble is that it is different for everybody but there are some common tricks that work for many. I have had my own personal struggle with the beast and all the things I’ve listed here have played a part in helping me to get over what is nothing more than a barbed wire fence that was in my way. Continue reading

Panic attacks & anxiety: my story

anxiety girlI was the last person you would expect to be suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. I have always been one of those people that are seen as confident and outgoing and rather self assured. I was also a bit of a control freak though; people rarely describe me as relaxed or cruisy and I am very much inside my head. So many thoughts, always racing. Knowing what I know now I was actually a prime candidate for panic. It was just a matter of time…

My first experience with anxiety was back in November 2010 when I had a panic attack over an imagined spider bite Continue reading