Newborns and the sleep thing – can it be easier?

When it came to newborns and sleep I was pretty oblivious. I knew it was an issue but I thought that was just because they woke up hungry in the middle of the night. I had no idea that it would be so difficult to get the baby back to sleep sometimes. Or that I’d be there rocking and wrapping and jiggling and patting like a mad woman. And the 40 minute catnap right when you were expecting a nice healthy 2 hour rest. Oh good lord it almost did my head in.  Continue reading


Let’s talk about being fat

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS /

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS /

I was reading a Facebook post the other day about a poor overweight mum whose little girl was told by another child at school that her mum is fat.  That is super cruel and awful. It  made the little girl really confused that someone would be so hurtful. She was very sad and the whole story was rather heartbreaking.

The woman, by her own admission, is overweight. In her case, a size 18. So what does that mean? Does it mean unhealthy? Well, it rarely ever means healthy. So what makes it unhealthy? If you can’t move well and therefore exercise because of the weight you are carrying around, that is unhealthy. If your body is suffering in any way because of the weight you are carrying around, that is unhealthy. If you are putting bad food and drink into your body on a regular basis, well that is unhealthy. Which is why it troubled me when I saw this comment:

Just tell ur fat and happy and good at dancing and most women are. So really fat is normalContinue reading

A bit of verbal diarrhea straight from the heart

Me just doing the LIFE thing.

Me just doing the LIFE thing.

How many posts actually use the word diarrhea in their header and get read do you think? Can’t be that many. It’s hardly enticing. But it aptly explains where I feel this post is going to go. Nowhere. But I’m going to take awhile about getting there. It’s the scenic route.

Some of my more regular readers will probably have noticed that I haven’t been around so much lately. I have had so much on that I’m struggling to find the time to think straight, let alone write. This post from Rose, one of my favourite bloggers, really nails how I feel right now. Specifically she says: Continue reading

Why the position of your child’s cot is important.

A good example of a cot placed in the middle of the wall, away from the window

A good example of a cot placed in the middle of the wall, away from the window

There has to be at least one person who reads that headline and honestly thinks I’m going to be talking about Feng Shui. I wish I was talking about Feng Shui. It would be a much lighter topic than that of which I speak today. Anyway, if you did rock up thinking I was talking about Feng Shui please stay, as if you are going to be putting a cot up in a room soon then this is information you need to know. Continue reading

The big city just arrived in my mailbox.

I want to be here right now.

I want to be here right now.

WOW. Just wow. I think this might be one of the best postcards I have ever received. It rocks.

I have never been to New York but I have always wanted to go. While I love my small town lifestyle to bits, I do enjoy a visit to a bustling big city. One day I will get there and see this amazing city.  And when I do, I’m going to eat my own weight in pretzels and bagels.

I bet this city pulses like a living organism. The energy of 8.25 million people has to go somewhere right? I mean, look at that picture. It’s all happening. I can almost hear the sound of car horns beeping and see the vibrations as the city pulses like a heartbeat. Ba boom ba boom ba boom. It is clearly raining too but look at all the people still crowding the sidewalk.

Anyway enough about New York, let’s talk about Continue reading

Unrepresentative Swill

Here’s one for the Aussies.

People, we are voting tomorrow for a new party to lead our country. We all know about that. But do you know abut the senate vote?
I mostly just think of it as that massive big white bit of paper they give me that doesn’t fit in the polling booth. It usually contains a few out there parties like the Three Day Weekend Party or the Fishing Party. Know which one I mean now? I’ve tried to spread the love around a bit before by choosing one of the more serious minor parties but apparently that sort of behaviour can wind up with someone like Pauline Hanson getting elected – which looks like a real possibility this election. Why? Preference deals my friend.

I would explain it to you but why do that when someone else has done it better. Please, check out this post before you vote tomorrow (it’s an easy read so don’t be scared) so you know where your vote goes on the day. Hopefully we can avoid winding up with some of the real crazies having representation in the Senate (I’d seriously settle for no Pauline Hanson to be honest. Fruit loop!).
Good luck and happy voting!

ricardian ambivalence

Like most Australians, I have in recent times voted above the line in the senate — after all the ballots don’t even fit in the booths anymore. From time to time I even shopped the vote about a little – voting above the line for a non-major party.

But I won’t be doing that in this election – and I doubt that I will ever again. Why? because the senate preferences deals have become so complicated that I now think preferential voting is profoundly undemocratic. Safer to stick with a major party.

For example, as a result of dodgy preference deals, there is a real chance that Pauline Hanson will get a senate seat in NSW (though I doubt you could find 15% of New South Welshman who thought a fairly dim Queenslander was their best representative), and a real chance that one of Clive Palmer or Bob Katter will…

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A parenting fail to make you feel awesome

Eeerrr I'll try not to do it again.

Eeerrr I’ll try not to do it again.

Having a bad day? Well here’s a tasty little morsel from my life to:

a) give you a laugh

b) make you feel clever

c) make you feel like your parenting skills are actually skills

Because at the moment, mine certainly aren’t.  Continue reading

No more, Mummy

No more song.

That’s enough of that thanks, Mummy

We were at swimming lessons this morning and I was bouncing around the pool with Monkey singing la la la la la to the tune of one of our lesson songs when Monkey said to me “No more song”. Just like that. Don’t you sing one more word there pretty lady.

Oooooook then. Thanks kiddo. Continue reading

You are a Miracle Blogger Award

What a gorgeous award!

What a gorgeous award!

A couple of weeks ago I received this beautiful Miracle Blogger Award from Brenda over at Friendly Fairytales. I was so honoured to receive this award. On the day she handed it out she decided to share it with those that are caregivers to our children. I want to include her words here as they are truly beautiful. Continue reading