We interrupt this program to bring you a special message


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So it’s like this lovelies, I am taking a wee break. There are lots of things going on here at the moment. There’s a business idea floating around and I’m doing lots of reading and learning to see if I can make it and some other ideas work and sadly,  I am fresh out of time for anything else.

Turns out that while I can multi task, 7,537 tasks is actually about one task too many.

It makes me sad as I love my blogging but it is only a wee break. After only 2 weeks I’ll be back to regale you with my nonsense.

See you for my next post on 4 March.




Knowing when to put yourself in time out

Life is busy. Hell, sometimes mine feels crazy. These last few weeks I’ve taken on another blogging job plus started trying to blog regularly here, as well as my usual routine oftime out study, another blogging job and admin work from home. And I try to cram all of this into just two days per week when my son is at daycare and scraps of time here and there when he is sleeping. Oh and did I mention I also try to get to the gym on those two days and do the housework. Then the rest of the time I’m trying to do my best as a single mum. Needless to say, some weeks it just gets crazy. Now I don’t pretend that my life is any crazier than anyone else’s. Some people will be busier than me, some people will be less busy than me, but most people feel the pressure of a busy life one way or another so most of you know what I’m talking about.  This post is about a tactic I have started to use to deal with the stresses of life…knowing when to take time out. It’s my way to stop the crazy. Believe me, it works. I know you think you don’t have time but you don’t need much. You really don’t. And if you have a meltdown instead because you didn’t opt to take time out then I guarantee you it will take more time out of your life than what I’m suggesting. Meltdowns are like the ball rolling down the hill: it only gathers momentum.  Continue reading