Dr Joshi’s Holistic Detox – Food Diary – Week 2

Dr Joshi's Book

Dr Joshi’s Book.

Day 1

Hot water with lemon and ginger – REMEMBERED!

B: egg white omelette with chicken, broccoli and left over peas and gravy from last night’s roast (egg whites left over from homemade mayo recipe) – 4 egg whites plus one whole egg but I shared about 1/3 of the finished product with Monkey

L: quinoa, chicken and homemade pesto all mixed together

D: red lentil + vegetable patties (cauliflower, butternut pumpkin and broccoli) rolled in rice crumbs and shallow fried

Snacks: only herbal tea today and a few sunflower and pumpkin seeds. My meals were so filling I didn’t need anything else. Continue reading

Dr Joshi’s Holistic Detox – Food Diary – Week 1

Here is is! The diary you’ve all been waiting for. The food ideas have become easier as the week has gone on. I have lots of great stuff in mind for the coming week from making my own gluten free bread to yummy chicken rissoles. Stay tuned!

Day 1

Hot water with lemon and ginger   Continue reading

Rissoles: dairy free, gluten free and egg free and STILL YUMMY!!!!

What’s for dinner at your place tonight? If you are looking for something that is easy to prepare + delicious + healthy then give these rissoles a try. I made them with lamb mince but they’d work just as well with beef or chicken mince. Whatever you have on hand would be a-ok.

They can be dairy free, gluten free AND egg free and STILL DELICIOUS! How awesome is that? My toddler loves them. Click on the pic and it will take you to my recipe post over at the You and Baby blog.

Yummy rissoles