Dr Joshi’s Holistic Detox – One month on

Dr Joshi's Book

Dr Joshi’s Book.

Back in January I decided to do something crazy being the new year and all and deprive myself of a good portion of almost everything I normally eat for 21 days. It was all in the name of detox Dr Joshi’s alkalising body detox to be exact.

Dr Joshi and I don’t actually know each other but as this is not my first run around his deprivation course I feel like we are old friends. I have actually kept a few of his little detox eating habits from the first time we hung out so I was really interested to see what my take homes would be from this time around. I thought one month after the end would be a good time to check out what has stuck and what hasn’t. Continue reading

I’m such a tease. I was teaching you patience.

There I was in my last post announcing that you’d be waiting at least a week before hearing from me again when all along I had a post coming out today. Surprise!

This is the decoy post, the real post is hanging out over at the gorgeous Perfection Pending where the hilarious and beautiful Meredith keeps house. Have you been to her house before? If not, then you need to go. Well, you need to go to read my post, but then you need to stay and poke around. She has nice things. Seriously.

My post, funnily enough, is about how I found my imperfect patience and as a result changed from a mostly screaming banshee to a mostly calm mummy (ahem I said mostly)See how that ties in with how I was keeping you patient? Do you like that? I’m tricky sometimes.

Thanks for going over there to check it out. Me love you long time.

Rachael xx

Mummy’s been in time out and she likes it, likes it, yes she does.

Hi blogging world!

How goes it? I’ve missed you all terribly but I have also really loved my little hiatus. It has given me the head space I needed to think a few things through and figure out what to do with business ideas and blogging and the fact that 24 hours in any given day doesn’t seem to be enough.

I basically figured out that when it came to blogging I was constantly compromising on my posts. I have a bunch of things I really want to write about but all require research and research takes time and I just feel I don’t have it. So in the end I’d sacrifice the research piece for something I can post in less than hour and while sometimes this was good and it was fun, I was never really reaching the goal I had in my own mind.

So, where to from here? Continue reading