Week 4 – Couch to 5k

Well things are progressing a little more slowly now as I’ve been sick. Last week I had a throat infection that I just couldn’t shift and that I ended up needing antibiotics to clear so there was no running at all.

I finally went on my Week 4, Day 1 run this Monday just gone and after a week off, damn it just hurt. Hurt, hurt, hurt. It doesn’t take long to get the fitness back though and my second run on Wednesday was a great improvement. I didn’t struggle half as bad. But then by this weekend I’m back with a sore throat, wheeze and a cough again. It’s funny as when I finished the antibiotics I thought I still had a throat niggle. I should have gone back for another course. Anyway I didn’t and this is where I’m at. I coincidentally have a Drs appointment tomorrow so I’ll get onto it then.

In the meantime poor old week 4 is limping along with still one day incomplete. I’m actually thinking of doing a bonus week 4 run when I get back into it again just to get my fitness up. I’m not sure I’ll be read to launch into week 5 after such a long break.

*update: I never did finish week 4 that week and ended up taking about another 2 weeks off due to illness. More about that here. I’ve since redone week 3 AND week 4 and I’m about to launch week 5 and CAN’T WAIT. Here are the glorious stats for those interested.

Day 1

Day 1  Day 1 (take 3 – 7/10/13)
Overall pace: 10.1 kph Overall Pace:  12.1kph
Overall distance: 3.61 km Overall distance: 4.30km
Time: 21:30 Time: 21:23
Fastest interval: 12.4 kph Fastest interval: 13.7 kph
Longest interval: 0.98 km Longest interval: 1.14 km

Take oneish notes: Today’s run was HARD after a week off due to illness. I even stopped running in the last 5 min interval about 40secs before I was finished so technically I didn’t make it. Lame. There is a significant increase this week though. I’m running almost double the distance for my longest interval and the interval training itself goes for 6 mins longer than week 3 so I really should be quite pleased with this result. I’m on track to run 5k in 30min which is my initial goal.

Magpies are still an issue as in I’m still freaking out about them when I run. Not the best thing for my anxiety I got to tell you.

Take two notes: Man I was SO happy with today’s stats. A fastest interval of 13.7kph was amazing for me. I honestly just smashed it. I was so excited I sent texts bragging to my brother and Ex-Man when I got home.  I really feel as if I’m making progress.

Day 2

Day 2 Day 2 (take 3 – 10/10/13)
Overall pace: 10.1 kph Overall Pace:  9.8kph
Overall distance: 3.60 km Overall distance: 3.52km
Time: 21:30 Time: 21:30
Fastest interval: 12.1 kph Fastest interval: 12.9 kph
Longest interval: 0.94 km Longest interval: 0.89 km

Take oneish notes: This was one of those weird days where the stats make it look like I struggled more as they went down but I actually found the run easier. And at least this time I completed the whole thing. YAY!

Take two notes: Well my stats look rubbish compared to previous days, especially the overall pace. However I did run against a massively strong wind for the first half of my run. I also smashed it at the gym yesterday and my body is feeling it in today’s run.

Day 3

Day 3 (take 3 – 13/10/13)
Overall Pace:  10.6kph
Overall distance: 3.80km
Time: 21:30
Fastest interval: 16.2 kph
Longest interval: 0.98 km

The only take notes: I’m so committed I even ran on our weekend away at the resort. It was actually a really beautiful spot to run. There was a lagoon to run around and lots of trees and green stuff. It was gorgeous. I wanted to run again this morning but we didn’t have time before we left.  I’m a little bit suss on my fastest interval on this run. It seems pretty fast. I think it might have to do with me running paths at the resort. Maybe it screwed with the GPS a little. Will see how the stats pan out next time. I do know that when I finished each split I was nowhere near as stuffed as I was even a week ago. I’m read for longer stretches of running so I’m itching to start week 5.  Stay tuned!

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