You are a Miracle Blogger Award

What a gorgeous award!

What a gorgeous award!

A couple of weeks ago I received this beautiful Miracle Blogger Award from Brenda over at Friendly Fairytales. I was so honoured to receive this award. On the day she handed it out she decided to share it with those that are caregivers to our children. I want to include her words here as they are truly beautiful. Continue reading

The Versatile Blogger Award

versatileDamn let me tell you something about these awards…they really drive traffic to your site. Or maybe it’s just that the followers who don’t normally read your posts DO read the award posts. Who knows. Anyway I’m not complaining. It’s just an observation during this award-a-thon I’ve got going on.

I know you are going to be so sad but this is the last award in my batch. I know right! You’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled on all those blogs I recommended to see their award acceptance speeches instead of mine.

So this one is The Versatile Blogger Award Continue reading

Geekery awards

Morning fellow bloggers! It is a lovely Sunday morning here and let me just say I am feeling the love! I woke up to a stack of really awesome messages from you guys. What an awesome way to start my day. Anyway I’m back with my last installment of blogging awards. We are on the home stretch now peeps. Woohoo!

This little number was invented only weeks ago by the awesome dude over at Modern Man of the Cloth.  As the creator of something so amazing you should totally check his blog out. You should also check out the blogs of the lovelies who went on to award me.

They are: Continue reading

The Best Moment Award


best-moment-awardMan I am pushing through these awards tonight. Feeling very accomplished right now. Thanks to all those who have contributed to that. Am also feeling like I am achieving my goals by getting all these awards published so yay me!

Thanks ever so much to the little piece of awesomeness that is Running to Her Dreams for this nomination. You should get on over and check out her inspirational blog. I was quite touched recently to learn that she has hand made quilts for friends who have lost a parent using clothing from the person who has passed away. Continue reading

WordPress Family Award

wordpress-family-awardI know, I know, you are thinking another award? Well suck it. It’s award season here. You know how they have the Oscars and Cannes and all those other ceremonies all close together? Well that’s what it’s like here in Blogtown too.

Blogging has been nowhere near as lonely as I thought it might be and I think part of that is because I chose to do it on WordPress. They have a super dooper set up that really encourages interaction with other WordPress bloggers. And through that interaction you start to generate very much a family feel to the whole experience.

So because of all that receiving this award warms the cockles of my heart a little bit. It is about acceptance and belonging as much as it is about good blogging and I like that.

I was lucky enough to receive this award from THREE different bloggers! Wowsers. Watch out ego. They are:  Continue reading

Super Sweet Blogging Award

super sweet blogging award

*Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeal* I got another blogging award! I almost want to put on a fabulous party dress and pop the bottle of champers in the cupboard.

I really love these awards created by the wonderful blogging community that I am only now discovering. The blogger (that’s me!) gets to feel a bit excited that not only is someone actually reading their blog but they also thought it was good enough to admit to it and show your link on their awesome blog. I think that’s pretty freaking marvelous. PLUS it is a great way for others to get recommendations on blogs to check out. I figure if I like someone’s writing style and enjoy their blog then there is a good chance I will also like the things they have recommended. WINNING!

So my award today comes from the lovely Gabriel over at Shape Your Life 101.  Continue reading