WordPress Family Award

wordpress-family-awardI know, I know, you are thinking another award? Well suck it. It’s award season here. You know how they have the Oscars and Cannes and all those other ceremonies all close together? Well that’s what it’s like here in Blogtown too.

Blogging has been nowhere near as lonely as I thought it might be and I think part of that is because I chose to do it on WordPress. They have a super dooper set up that really encourages interaction with other WordPress bloggers. And through that interaction you start to generate very much a family feel to the whole experience.

So because of all that receiving this award warms the cockles of my heart a little bit. It is about acceptance and belonging as much as it is about good blogging and I like that.

I was lucky enough to receive this award from THREE different bloggers! Wowsers. Watch out ego. They are: J9sopinion, Miss Fanny P and So Many Right Ways. All their blogs are awesome and I am saying right here and now that I am also nominating them in return. They are there for my every post with likes and supportive comments when I need them. You guys ROCK! Thank you ever so much.

Others that have been sharing the love on a lot of my posts lately so get nominated for the award are:

Fascinations of a VanillaHousewife



Game of Diapers


Jogging Dad

From 2 to 3 Kids

More Than An Expat

Working Mom Assistant

Foolish Sage Wisdom

Melbourne Mummy


If you’ve been showing me the love and I’ve left you off then I am so sorry. It is nothing but a careless error as I hurriedly put this post together.

Thanks again to the three lovely bloggers who passed on this award to me! You go girls!


41 thoughts on “WordPress Family Award

  1. I know you are an avid award winner right now, but I also put you on my page for th Liebster award. You may have already gotten it several times, but cheers to your fabulous posts:)

    • I LOVE awards and am so grateful for everyone single one I receive. For some reason the Leibster one is my most coveted so I am even more grateful because it’s that one!!! Thank you so much for following and enjoying my blog. It’s the biggest compliment ever. 🙂

    • I know it’s all a bit crazy at the moment. I’m feeling oh so grateful, for them all though as I am putting my heart into my blog so it’s nice that people seem to see that 🙂

    • lol I wish! I have some other things I am doing from home at the moment when monkey is at daycare (study and actual income producing work LOL) but when I’m done with the study around end Sept I am going to go hard at trying to get more pieces published.

  2. Well done you! You are putting so much work in and inspiring me to keep up 😉 Thanks for the nomination!! X

    • Awwwww thanks Rose! It’s just what I need to hear tonight as I am feeling decidedly unmotivated to write even though I have 10 drafts going LOL. Keep writing whenever you can. I love following your journey. x

  3. You deserve it! Your writing s really engaging and funny. 😉
    Btw just a technical thing: “ping back” notofication when you mention or award another blog…does it send automatically? If not, how do you notify the bloggers you nominate??!

    • Awwww thanks so much! I try! 🙂 With the ping back it only works if you link to an actual post. If you link to the main blog page itself you won’t get the pingback notification. Does that make sense?

      • Ok so I just checked and your link wouldn’t have pinged back as it was to my main page. I think I was looking for new blogs and saw that Miss Fanny P had nominated you so I went to have a look at your blog and found it that way. Which was awesome as then I got to check out your writing (which I love btw) and follow you myself! So thank you!!!

      • Ok, got it: link to an article from person you nominate rather than just website name. Saves time having to ‘notify’ them all individually. Roger that!

      • LAST pingback question (hopefully…), I just linked your award nomination to your post…lmk if it worked darl.
        And cheers for taking this time…I know how preciouse our time is!

      • ach, bloody hell no typo…tried and tried…
        copied URL from one of your posts
        went to edit post on my admin
        highlighted your blog name
        opened the sign with the chain on it
        copied your URL into it
        pressed update…
        did it again…
        and again….
        (one good thing came out of it though reda your baby making post which I’d missed. LOL)

      • LOL I think maybe because you have the url typed out so it has conflicting directions to go in if that makes sense. What is easier is if you type: Mummy Flying Solo as the website and then highlight that and create the link. Test that option and see how you go.

  4. Well done and thanks for sharing the love! I’ve found WordPress and mummy blogging in particular to be a very supportive community, unlike the beauty blogging I used to do, which was very competitive. It’s a nice change! 🙂

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