Geekery awards

Morning fellow bloggers! It is a lovely Sunday morning here and let me just say I am feeling the love! I woke up to a stack of really awesome messages from you guys. What an awesome way to start my day. Anyway I’m back with my last installment of blogging awards. We are on the home stretch now peeps. Woohoo!

This little number was invented only weeks ago by the awesome dude over at Modern Man of the Cloth.  As the creator of something so amazing you should totally check his blog out. You should also check out the blogs of the lovelies who went on to award me.

They are:

How to Ruin a Toddlers Day – recipient of The Joker award which is fitting as her blog is hilarious.

Momma Needs Coffee – yeah don’t we all!!! She received The Gandlaf the Gray award which is also very fitting.

I try to keep up with all posts that go out from these two ladies as they are always worth reading.

So there are 5 awards in total on this one but I can’t think of anyone for the Philip J Fry award so I’m leaving it out. You should check out Modern Man of the Cloth’s original post if you want to see how it was intended to be awarded.  I received the This is Sparta award and The Gandalf the Gray award. You will see what this means when I post the winners of this batch. Are you ready? This one is a wee bit fun!

Now the rules:

  1. Like I tell my children you should always say thank you
  2. Please link back to the post that gave you your award
  3. If you won any of these awards you can pass along any of these made up, but still real, awards to someone else. Or can create your own awards to tell someone how awesome you think they are.
  4. Tell us 58 random things about you and 41 things that that make you interesting**

** Not a real rule.

1. The Optimus Prime Award- Your blog is so inspiring I just want to ‘transform, roll out’ and follow you. I am sending this award out to The Adventures of Fanny P! Every post she writes is GREAT. Every. Post. I don’t know how she does it!


2. The Gandalf the Gray Award– When you make a point your arguments are so thought out and so persuasive no counter argument can stand. I would like to give this award to The Gratudenist


3. The ‘This is Sparta’ Award– Everything you say is powerful and strong. Agree or disagree I find your passion and convictions so inspiring. I would like to give this award to I Have An Opinion I’d like to Share


4. The Joker Award- Your humour is infectious, and maybe even a little dark. Your posts have made me laugh out loud almost every time. I would like to give this award to Naptime Thoughts


Congrats wonderful award winners. And even if you don’t pass this on just know that you often make my day just that little better with your posts so keep on blogging!

Now believe it or not there is only one more awards post to go!! Yikes! Then I’m going to have to actually write some shit. Never fear, I have quite a few ideas sitting in the drafts. As part of my spring cleaning I’m aiming to get a few of the old ones off the back burner. Let’s see how it all goes. For now, I’m off to get some breakfast. Toodles.


5 thoughts on “Geekery awards

  1. Great awards for a great blogger! Do you ever type blogger and have it come out blooger? I’m tired enough to find that funny. Sigh. Anyway, wow! Great job on all the award postings. I was quite surprised to see friendlyfairytales topping the list for Best Moment, and I’m doing a little happy dance. 🙂

    • Your fairy tales are indeed lovely and have definitely been the best moment in my day at one time or another so it was well deserved!. As for blogger and blooger…well it hasn’t happened yet but NOW that you’ve told me about it, well, you just WAIT! lol

  2. Congrats on your awards and that was a nice way of including them in one post! Thank you so much for the Gandolf the Gray award. What a great way to wake up on a Sunday morning. 🙂

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