A Day in the Life – Friday

day in the lifeWoah. I made it. I have posted every day of this week and kept up with Kerry’s awesome Day in the Life series.

This is despite the fact that I am bone tired. Talk about a busy week. And it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

It’s almost 9pm here right now and as soon as I’ve scheduled this post I am SO  going to bed. So let’s get this party started. Continue reading

A Day in the Life – Thursday

Fabulous idea. Go brain!

Fabulous idea. Go brain!

It was another really busy day today. And I have a cold sore to prove it. Too much going on before the big trip. Today was my second work from home day in the week. The schedule is pretty similar to yesterday’s.  Continue reading

A Day in the Life – Tuesday

First ever sticker book. LOVED IT.

First ever sticker book. LOVED IT.

Well today technically started at 2am when Monkey woke up crying. It is so rare for this to happen these days that I actually bolted upright in my bed with surprise. I’d had the late night remember (in Monday’s wrap up) so I was a bit startled to be jolted awake less than 4 hours after going to sleep. I was so startled that as I raced into Monkey’s bedroom to see what the hell was going on I totally forgot that I’d recently put a toddler gate on his door to stop him creeping out at bedtime.


I connected with that MOFO. Damn. Hopefully that should keep its existence firmly planted into my memory banks for next time.  And we are off to a cracking start to the day. Continue reading

A Day In The Life – Monday

Winding Road

This week I am going to be giving you a glimpse of my life from Monday to Friday in an average week.  I don’t usually write general update posts, I tend to wait for “something” to happen or write about a particular event etc, so hopefully this is something fresh and new interesting for you all. Or maybe my life is boring as batshit. If so, I apologise!

Continue reading