Week 3 – Couch to 5k

Week 3

Week three involves 5 min warm up walk, then 90 secs running, 90 secs brisk walk, 3 mins running, 3 mins brisk walk. Repeat. End with a 5 min cool down.

Stats exclude warm up and cool down (total 10 mins). The overall interval time drops from 19 to 15 mins this week which I was a little disappointed about. I’d rather keep it up there. Anyway, I didn’t write the program so I’m just going to trust that they know what they are doing.

Day 1 Day 1 (take 2 – 2/10/13)
Overall pace: 9.7 kph Overall pace: 12.39 kph
Overall distance: 2.43 km Overall distance: 3.07km
Time: 15:00 Time: 14.52
Fastest interval: 12.7 kph Fastest interval:  14.64 kph
Longest interval: 0.58 km Longest interval:  0.63

Take 1 notes: Today’s run was great. It felt really good to do the two 3 min sessions and not die. I have slipped back from my goal of keeping up to 100 m every 30 secs but I can work on that.

Take 2 notes: Holy moly, I can’t believe how good these stats are. I’m kinda wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that I had to convert them from mph? But that’s wouldn’t be me making the mistake but the internet. Either way WOW. I felt like I *needed* to start back at week 3 and in fact, I almost stopped during the last 45sec of the final 3 min run but obviously I was pushing myself really hard. I also have a new phone since last time and it has a case I can attach to my leggings and that might make more difference than I realised. For one, I can’t look at it and check how long I have to go so easily. It’s less cumbersom too. Oh and i have better music loaded finally. So I guess all these things do contribute to a better run. Now I’m really excited for tomorrow. Yay!

Day 2  Day 2 (take 2 – 3/10/13)
Overall pace: 9.2 kph Overall Pace:  11.7kph
Overall distance: 2.31 km Overall distance: 2.89km
Time: 15:00 Time: 14:51
Fastest interval: 12.0 kph Fastest interval: 14.7 kph
Longest interval: 0.58 km Longest interval: 0.64 km


Take 1 notes: Today’s run was really different as I was running out of my area and there was no designated path a lot of the time. There were also some hills so the whole thing slowed my pace down a bit. It wouldn’t have been quite so bad as this if it wasn’t for the stupid magpie that kept swooping at me during the last 3 min run. Somewhat compromised the whole damn thing. Better luck next time. I need a spring time running plan as maggies are around my area too. Boo.

Take 2 notes: Today also saw a great improvement in stats from the previous weeks 3 run. I’m a bit confused as to why it says my time was less than 15mins on both occasions. The app sets the times for the run, not me, so I can’t figure out what the F is going on there. My stats weren’t as good as yesterday but it was my second day running in a row after a substantial break PLUS I was running against the wind for the first half so really, I’m OK with how things came out. Looking forward to my next run.

Day 3 (take 2 – 5/10/13)

Day 3  Day 3 (take 2 – 5/10/13)
Overall pace: 9.9 kph Overall Pace:  9.8kph
Overall distance: 2.49 km Overall distance: 2.44km
Time: 15:00 Time: 15:00
Fastest interval: 12.9 kph Fastest interval: 13.2 kph
Longest interval: 0.60 km Longest interval: 0.58 km

Take 2 notes: I don’t have notes for the first stint as I forgot to even record my stats. I had to go back digging into my old phone for them. Interestingly my vast improvement dropped off a lot this time around. And I didn’t do quite as well as my original week 3, day 3 run. I have no idea why that is. I have nothing. Better luck next time?

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