Thoughts on God

I’m not a particularly religous person. Hell, I’m not religious at all. but that doesn’t mean that I’m godless or that I don’t at least have thoughts on God.

It is something I have been thinking of a lot more lately which is interesting. Maybe now that I’m a mother? Or perhaps now that I have some peace within myself? Hmmmm maybe not the second one. God seems to get more of a run in times of crisis from what I hear. So I’m not sure what’s prompted the thinking. Continue reading

Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

anxietyAnxiety can be quite the roaring beast that takes over your life if you let it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  So how do you get rid of anxiety or panic attacks? Well the trouble is that it is different for everybody but there are some common tricks that work for many. I have had my own personal struggle with the beast and all the things I’ve listed here have played a part in helping me to get over what is nothing more than a barbed wire fence that was in my way. Continue reading

When things don’t go to plan

caught in the rainIf you had told me it would have completely pissed down with rain this morning while I was out on my walk then I probably wouldn’t have gone. I especially wouldn’t have been keen if you had told me that Master S would have a massive tanty about having the rain cover over the pram and kick and scream to get it off and get completely saturated. A soaking wet 21 month old who already has a bit of a cough simply was not in my plan. But plan or not this was exactly our morning.  Me and my kid soaking wet in the rain (with friends – they were wet too but had more compliant children who stayed dry).

But guess what else wasn’t in my plan? Continue reading