Just because the head beats you one day, doesn’t mean that it’s over every day: The secret to keeping your New Year’s resolutions.

New Year meme

Number 1 on the resolution list this year!

I figured that as it is New Year’s Eve that I should write the obligatory post about resolutions. Which makes it sounds like I hate resolutions and I so don’t!! They are awesome and I think I have cranked out 8 for 2014 so far. Boy am I motivated this year (compared to last year when I could come up with only one – flossing my teeth daily – and then proceeded to never do it).

So yes, resolutions.

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Oh my god, I love this! It’s just what I wanted!


Anyone roll this little number out on Christmas Day?

I think when you have kids then this is a response you need in your repertoire as sometimes they are going to get you the shittest gift at the mother’s day stall. But what happens when it’s not mother’s day and it’s not your darling child doing the gifting? Do you carry on with the charade or do you come clean and ask for the receipt?
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Yes, I lie to my child. And not just about Santa.


How's this for some Christmas spirit? (not my house btw)

‘Tis the season to be jolly. And deceitful apparently. Some people get really worked up about this whole Santa lie thing. Which I honestly didn’t even know was a thing until this year.  It’s not my thing but it gets quite a bit of airplay in the world that is parenting.

Personally,  I don’t buy into all that crap. Sure, Santa is a lie but so what?

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Ten Thoughts Tuesday

Ten Thoughts Tuesday pic

My brain is aflutter with a gazillion ideas for a blog post today but I can’t seem to settle on just one thing. Just one. And then I remembered…it’s Tuesday! I don’t need to.

Here’s what’s happening.

1. I’ve just typed the number 1 and immediately drawn a blank on the 657, 425 things I wanted to talk about. Perfect.  Continue reading

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that and a whole lotta LOVE

When I was composing this post in my head yesterday I had a big excited bragfest going on (and ahem, YES I “compose”). I was going to tell you aaaaall about how out of the 7 possible days to exercise this week I actually nailed the full 7 AND that I did my first 25 min straight run today.

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There, but for the grace of God, go I.

quote on background

Having escaped an accident that could have easily resulted in my death not once, but twice, in my life, I’ve always felt a bit of an affinity for this saying.

These events were but two small moments in my life and I honestly don’t pay them too much mind these days. The second event gets more of a showing than the first but it alone was almost 23 years ago now. That’s quite a ways in the past.

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They tell me it’s good luck

Bad day pass

Pic credit: The People Playground

I was having the mother of all days the other day. It was Thursday and I was wondering WHAT THE HELL was I going to post about. And then life handed me two lovely glasses of lemonade. But it made me juice the lemons first.

I had decided it was Santa photo day so we got all dressed up in our nice gear. Monkey as he was in the photo; me in case I had to jump in at the last minute. We spent all morning prepping and getting excited about our photo with Santa. So far, so good. You can see it has disaster written all over it though, can’t you? Continue reading

Slagging people off is not a good way to get your point across

This is my protest sign

Image credit to Aramink by Anne. Image links to her site.

I logged into my blog email today to find this little cherub in there.

Pro-choice satanic feminists molest and assault a group of peaceful pro-life men

This is a post written by Matt Walsh. Despite the fact that the title of this blog alone makes me crazy you should check out his stuff.  Some things I agree with him on, others not so much, but he does have an interesting point of view. Mostly, I find him logical and well thought out but not so much when he rants about Obama Care or abortion.

Clearly this post is about abortion. Well he thinks it is anyway. With a title like that it seems a bit more like slander used as an attempt to push his “pro-life”/anti-abortion agenda.  Continue reading