Oh my god, I love this! It’s just what I wanted!


Anyone roll this little number out on Christmas Day?

I think when you have kids then this is a response you need in your repertoire as sometimes they are going to get you the shittest gift at the mother’s day stall. But what happens when it’s not mother’s day and it’s not your darling child doing the gifting? Do you carry on with the charade or do you come clean and ask for the receipt?

For me to say something it usually needs to be of a reasonably high value, I have to be 100% certain I’ll NEVER use it AND it needs to be from someone close to me who I know will be comfortable with hearing the information. Let’s face it, the people who love us enough to buy us expensive gifts don’t do so so they can sit in the bottom of our wardrobes for the next 5 years. Sometimes I tend to regift but I rarely remember they are there so as far as I’m concerned regifting blows. Great if you can remember to do but not for me.

I got some great gifts for Christmas this year but there was a handbag in the mum stash I wasn’t overly keen on. I might have taken it anyway but my mum asked specifically if I liked it and offered to get me something else instead. Before agreeing I took the bag and looked at myself in the mirror and thought about it but decided in the end it would do more cupboard decorating at my house than anything else so better to find a more loving home for it.

Incidentally it’s the third handbag I’ve turned down in the last 12 or so months (the other 2 from completely different people) so I think this says more about my particular taste in handbags than it does about anyone’s ability to buy for me. It’s not like I’m particularly stylish or label concious either. Apparently just fussy.

Anyway I’ve got this super hot tip so this NEVER happens to you again. Say thank you to the internet. Such a rip snorter. So trying this next year for the difficult to buy people.


*Grrrrr I’ve discovered post the post the picture quality here SUCKS so I’ll have to interpret for you. Essentially it says:Β If you want to get someone the perfect gift, tell them you already have and make them guess what it is. And then you’ll have a list of perfect gifts: hurrah!

Did anyone out there get any random hilarious gifts? My step-brother, his wife and my nephew got a joint present of an ugly doll ornament from his nan. Go Nan!


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19 thoughts on “Oh my god, I love this! It’s just what I wanted!

  1. Hey honey, great post! Hilarious, thank goodness your mum was cool with the whole thing πŸ™‚ Just to let you know it was hard to read the duck pic – could just make it out when I zoomed the picture. Maybe a little caption (noting one of your readers was whinging if you wish – introduce them to that Aussie-ism) might help?

    It was so lovely seeing you for catchups, you’re the best πŸ™‚ Glad you’re home safe xox

    • Um nooooo YOU’RE the best. Wrote that post on the new tablet so will check it out on the compiter to see what the F is going on with the duck. Thanks for letting me know. Loved seeing you and thanks for making the long journey to make it so x

  2. That is a fantastic idea for getting a gift list! haha. My husband takes my daughter out each year and lets her pick out my gifts, within reason. Every year she buys me stuff I would never pick out myself but I always love them! I keep them partly so she doesn’t get her feelings hurt and in the end I try out some cool, different stuff. This year was jewelry with gold and a scarf. No off the wall gifts otherwise though πŸ˜‰

  3. I always hate to buy people clothes, purses, jewelry, etc. So personal! If it was my mom, she’s like yours, no problem. Anyone else–well, my girls are getting older and it goes to them! No one gets me anything too expensive! LOL! Cheap friends and family!

  4. My father gave me a book written by a political pundit who I’m not really crazy about. This pundit has taken to writing history books and I like history so I suppose it seemed logical to buy me one of his books rather than the thousands of other history books on the shelves! I’ll read it anyway – maybe I’ll learn something.

  5. I fortunately didn’t have to pretend to like anything this year. It usually happens with hubby’s family where you hate to upset them… like one year his dad and girlfriend gave us a complete dishwear set… but it’s not to our liking.. but I use them because I figure.. I might as well let the kids handle them and break what I don’t really care for and save for a really nice set when they are older ;). I think the funniest thing I got this year was a charm necklace based off of the Supernatural TV series… I plan to post a pic eventually <3.

  6. I always get the gifts that are perfect – but not for me… my mom did not disappoint at all this year. Let me first state that I had a great Christmas and my gifts were all better than ever; however, my mom got me some make up. Not just make up, but I wrote a post about a makeup item I found in her counter and it cracked me up and took me back to the 80’s. It was a funny post about how nuts we were all were to buy into that craze… and guess what I got… yup. I got that plus several other make up items that will sit under my sink until they go bad… and then I can toss them! πŸ™‚

  7. This is actually a toughie. I mean, I usually receive some well thought-out gifts, but there’s always the few ones that make me wonder why on Earth the person thought I’d like the gift. However, I usually just say thank you. I’d have to be really close to the person to tell them that a gift isn’t to my liking. And I’d have to hate it a lot. But I usually end up regifting.

    Hey, do you wan an umbrella? πŸ˜‰

  8. Since we are traveling and away from family and friends I didn’t run into this issue this year. Every other year, i can definitely say that I have received some gifts that truly puzzled me… sometimes I wonder what certain people think of me when I get their gifts. πŸ™‚ Anyways, when I get those type of things, they go in the regift box and some other lucky person inherits the gifts that I cannot use or don’t want. :0

    • Ah the regifting box. I need to develop one of these AND THEN remember to use it. Ah your Christmases traveling must be amazing. I always enjoyed how few things I needed even for long trips on the road. Christmas traveling must really highlight that for you.

      • It is really great. We try to concentrate on experience instead of stuff, or stuff that can be used while we are settled for a sort period of time like good candy, chocolate, wines etc πŸ™‚

  9. I normally cant bring myself to tell the person. So far, Ive lucked out this year, and have received all things fabulous…..but it isnt over yet!:)

  10. No silly gifts here, I did well in fact, DH got me nothing. So he couldn’t go wrong, My mother bought me socks and chocolate. Again practical and something I like. MIL gifted money πŸ˜€ Which is always a winner.

  11. Haha, can totally relate! I have had this problem with the husband since the day we met, until this year! This year he actually surprised me, making me think that maybe after 8 years, he finally knows me (hope, pray!), thus making it an awesome Christmas. Of course, I did get the usual ‘smelly gifts’ from the mother in law. DOVE bath soap anyone????

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