Ten Thoughts Tuesday

Ten Thoughts Tuesday pic

My brain is aflutter with a gazillion ideas for a blog post today but I can’t seem to settle on just one thing. Just one. And then I remembered…it’s Tuesday! I don’t need to.

Here’s what’s happening.

1. I’ve just typed the number 1 and immediately drawn a blank on the 657, 425 things I wanted to talk about. Perfect. 

2. Oh yes, a really important one! Remember how on Sunday I was saying how we all need to lighten up a little this silly season and go a bit easier on ourselves? Well I forgot to say the part where we should also try going a little easier on everyone else as well. In short: chill the fuck out. This is my lesson for the day.

3. I need this lesson because I’m juggling so many balls at the moment and trying to fit so many things into my life that when we were running late for swimming this morning I really yelled, big massive mother of a yell, at my kid. I haven’t done that in so long that I can’t even REMEMBER the last time. Too much pressure.

4. Because of all that I actually allowed myself to have a sleep during Monkey’s nap time today. I haven’t given myself that luxury in so long. Usually I stay awake and try to cram in as many things as humanly possible. Imagine a 4 day weekend away where the only bag you are allowed to take is carry on luggage. That’s what nap time normally looks like around here.

5. We have Monkey’s daycare Christmas party tonight. You know what that means? I’m not cooking dinner. It’s sausage sandwiches for us. YAY!

6. Remember that 25 min run that I did on Sunday that I managed all of 19 mins of? Well I redid it the following day as promised and I made the full 25 mins no problem. I EVEN had juice left in the tank. I can do this.

Cool quote

5kms in 25mins. That’s the goal. This is the saying. I’m working on the doing. Day by day.

7. My pace on said run was 10.1 km an hour which gets me to my initial goal of 5kms in under 30 mins. My new goal is 5kms in 25 mins. I’m going to do this.

8. I bribed my kid with lollies today. I told him if he was good at the shops he could have 2 lollies. We had 3 shops to go to including doing parcels at the post office and there were people everywhere. It worked. He got the lollies. Must work on rewards chart idea before all his teeth fall out.

9. I am about the least craft person on the planet. So this, this is me. I love it. Oh and I’m about 50% less tough than her but hey, no need to be picky.

This is pretty much my favourite thing on the internet at the moment.

This is pretty much my favourite thing on the internet at the moment.

10.  Our Christmas break starts this Thursday when we start the 7.5 hour drive down to where my folks live. Last time I did it in two stretches but this time I’m working on being SO organised that we just get up and leave first thing on Thursday morning. I’ll do plenty of stops but aim to do the drive in one day. Will see how we go. Had the small fuck up of the iPad shitting itself this week but it looks like we can borrow Monkey’s dad’s instead. Phew. There’s no way I’d get Monkey in the car for that long without the help of an electronic device. No chance.

And that’s me! Ten thoughts for this Tuesday. Hope it’s a crackin’ one for you.



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25 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. Sub-25 5k – eeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I DREAM of running that fast, ha ha!!! That is awesome girl, you can do it!!!
    I hate it when I shout at the kids. Eugh – it literally makes me want to cry. Sometimes I actually do. They must think they have a crazy mother.
    Enjoy the mini-people’s christmas party – we don’t get sausage sandwiches at ours, you lucky lady! X

    • Haha yeah it is a lofty goal but I think I can get there. Eventually lol Yeah I felt rotten for the shouting today. Ugh. It sucks. Then I’m always saying sorry for shouting. Nothing like making it confusing!! Ah we do the best we can eh?

  2. I love the analogy of cramming a carry-on suitcase during nap time! Perfect, and exactly how I feel too. Although my lil guy has gone on strike with naps as of last Thursday. He’ll just stand in his crib…he will not nap! I’m going to try hard to enforce quiet time, because I desperately need that work time. Anyway, nice job on the run! And I also love the tough pregnant woman because I am in easily in competition with you as the least crafty mama out there! 😉

  3. Lots of thoughts! Good job running!!!! I HATE crafts (my kids LOVE crafts). So funny about the “crafty” pic. A sausage sandwich sounds so good–made me think if I had any sausage in the freezer! LOL! I hope the drive goes SO well and you both have a great Christmas!!!!

  4. Haha! Love #1. Same thing happens to me everytime when I’ve got too many things going on in my head! Great job with the run! You can totally do 25 minutes. I’ll be rooting for you! Good luck on the drive, I’m sure it’ll go well 🙂 I’ve got Christmas snack time at my son’s daycare on Friday afternoon, hum, wonder what we’ll be having. I’ve never had a sausage sandwich before, it sounds yummy.

  5. I used to be able to cram a zillion things into every day 100 years ago. Enjoy the energy and capability which comes with being young because it’s the best time of your life. Have a great day and a safe and pleasant drive tomorrow.

  6. You are totally going to rock the 5k in 25mins. It will be epic.

    And #2 is my favorite. I sometimes want to walk around yelling CTFO!! at anyone who looks grumpy or flustered. But I need to hear it, too…so maybe I should tattoo it on my forehead or something. 😉

    I hope you had a great drive down to your folks and it went off without a hitch! Have a great Christmas!

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