The easiest toddler Christmas craft you will EVER do

I’m little miss not crafty remember. l absolutely suck at it. So you can imagine my delight when l came across this baby.

No glue. No paint. Oh my it’s the perfect craft!

To make I simply purchased a sheet of green cardboard, 1 packet of multi coloured dot stickers and 1 packet of multi coloured star stickers. Yes, we decided to splash out and stray from the original brief by including stars I know, I know. Pretty out there for a non crafty mum.

Anyway, Monkey LOVED it. Check it out!


Doing the crafts like a champion

Well he loved it the first few times anyway. You see, when I first spotted this I thought we’d do one cute tree as decoration. Check. We did that. But I had a whole sheet of cardboard, so then I got a bit adventurous and thought we’d do little versions that we could use as gift tagson the presents specifically from Monkey. So that was a total of 4. Still OK. Bless his cotton socks. So far so good.

So then I made the leap and decided that was that, why not just make a tag for EVERY gift? I normally have a present theme every year and had been a bit slack this year so this was perfect. Except you can’t keep a 2 year old engaged in an activity that repeats itself 20 times. Poor kid.

In the end we sat down for take 2 today and it came off without a hitch. I had to do the stars as Monkey’s teeny little fingers can’t quite get it happening with something more fiddly than the circle. The only crappy part of the whole exercise was that I could only draw lopsided Christmas trees and then I had to trace the fucker out and cut it up TWENTY times.

All in all a pretty cute result though don’t you think? I’m super stoked with them.


Now I’m off to wrap the Christmas presents!


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PS I am still taking submissions for the baby bonding project. ETA January. More on that here.


21 thoughts on “The easiest toddler Christmas craft you will EVER do

  1. I am totally going to try this with Z, and maybe even tweak it a little for other holidays… dots on easter eggs maybe, hmmm… what else can we do with this, heart stickers on valentines. I may just have to figure something like this out for every holiday. Thanks for the idea!

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