Week 5 – Couch to 5k

Wooohoo! I’ve finally made it into the 5th week and damn I’m feeling good peoples. Yay!

This week things really step up. Rather than doing the same run each day you start to mix it up a bit. There’s even a 20min run in there. WTF? But seriously, I feel ready for it and that feeling of readiness is awesome. My fitness has really gone up a level. I love this program.

Day 1

Today’s interval training was run for 5 mins, walk for 2 m 30 s. And repeat and repeat. So that’s 3 times total. It was good. I felt good. I could have run more. Here are the stats:

Day 1
Overall Pace:  11.8kph
Overall distance: 4.13km
Time: 21:00
Fastest interval: 13.0 kph
Longest interval: 1.09 km

I rock.

Just sayin’.

Day 2

Day 2
Overall pace: 9.8 kph
Overall distance: 3.42 km
Time: 21:00
Fastest interval: 11.1 kph
Longest interval: 1.49 km

Well I was busting a gut do to this run and it was all a bit of an anti-climax really. Today was 2 x 8 min runs and I was eager to see how I’d go, if I could keep my stats up there. Well, I have that answer now. I can’t. Or couldn’t. But I will.

Positives: my cardio fitness is great and in terms of having enough breath I could have run for longer no problem so that’s awesome. My legs started to hurt a bit towards the end of each split so that’s interesting. Will give them a good stretch again in a bit.

Negatives: My overall pace fell below 10kph which is a bit of a personal goal. I want to keep it up there so I can get 5km in under 30 mins with an eventual goal of 25mins. I’ll get there I know. It all takes practice. I’m just a tad disappointed. BUT I’ll live to fight another day.  There was a mofo of a northerly AGAIN today so I was running into hardcore wind for the first split which really didn’t help things BUT, as I always think to myself, at least it’s at the beginning half of the run and not the end. Must be thankful for small mercies. Also, I ran two days in a row so there is often a drop in performance then.

Next run will be Saturday and I will be running for 20mins straight – no break. I’m really interested to see what I can achieve. Fingers crossed for a solid result.

Day 3

Day 3
Overall pace: 11.4 kph
Overall distance: 3.79 km
Time: 20:00
Fastest interval: 11.4 kph
Longest interval: 3.79 km

I am REALLY pleased with this result. My legs started to hurt early on but I kept on running regardless. They weren’t super painful, just tight, and I knew it was going to be that way before I even started running. Some days you just feel stiff. It was a bit of a punish this run and made me see how much work I still have to do but I am so stoked I made it. When I first started this program the 60 second intervals were tough so to now be able to run for 20 mins is such an achievement. Looking forward to more next week.


2 thoughts on “Week 5 – Couch to 5k

  1. They are some good paces! Yes, your legs should hurt after doing some intervals I think. That means you are really working them. I always compared Intervals to ‘lifting weights’ in the runner’s world. There is nothing passive about them. Good work! Do you set a goal in distance when you run for 5 minutes? That will increase your pace if you set progressive distance goals with a timed run. Then you will be at the front of the pack for the 5K

    • AH I love this analogy – intervals = weight lifting. Great way to think of it. I’m using the couch to 5k ap so I set a goal in my head for intervals. I try not to get too hung up on distance at the moment though as the goal is to finish. I will work on endurance once I finish the program. Thanks so much for the tips! Love them!

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