Since I’ve been blogging I’ve embarked on a couple of challenges. I enjoy the opportunity for growth so much that I just know that I’m going to be doing a few more so I set up this little section for it.

Right now you can see info on the following challenges:

30 Day Meditation Challenge + Meditation Challenge Journal

Couch to 5k (in progress)


In the future I think I may do a 30 day sugar free challenge and maybe some sort of fitness challenge but I’m not committing to that yet! It’s just lolling around in my brain a bit.

If you have a great challenge you want to tell me about please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. Or maybe you’ve got a great challenge you want me to join you on.  I will consider all suggestions!

Thanks for reading and if you are about to embark on a challenge of your own: good luck!


4 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Found it – thanks! Checked out some of the meditation challenge stuff, too – I think that mind-wandering stat may be applicable to me. Just maybe, lol.

    I download the TEDtalks as audio and listen to them when I’m walking / jogging, so 10 mindful minutes will be one of them now – self-improvement and fitness in one!

    Not that my mind wanders too much. Or I try to fit too much in my day.


  2. Lol. And then I came across this saying from the Buddha:

    “The problem is, you think you have time.”

    It just makes me want to achieve even MORE.

    And I did love the TEDtalk. And his accent :p

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