“Shine On” Award

shineon1How gorgeous is this?! I’ve been nominated by one of my followers, the lovely Terry over at Bullying Prevention, for a “Shine On” Award.  I haven’t been blogging regularly for long so it’s very touching to feel I’ve been noticed by someone in that short time. Thank you Terry. You made my day!

What a fabulous little idea from the blogging community. There are rules of course and they are as follows:

1. You must thank the person who has given you the award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link person who nominated you for the award.
4. State seven things about yourself.

Note: If you nominate others to receive the award don’t forget to pop over to their site and let them know!

So I’ve done rules 1 to 3 so that just leaves me with rule 4: state seven things about myself. I looked at another blog and the seven things they posted were all their blogging stats for the day, month, year etc which kind of seems like cheating to me. The rules is 7 things about you, not your blog 😉  I’ll try to be a bit more personal.

1. My favourite homecooked meal of all time is Spaghetti Bolognese.

2. My new favourite TV show is Scandal.

3. I have been so busy this week and doing so many things at once that from time to time I have felt like a train that might derail. I didn’t though (yet). Tomorrow is Friday and I’ve almost made it.

4. I used to be a grammar nazi. I still prefer reasonable grammar but I won’t judge you if you don’t do it well (and sometimes I’ll stuff it up too!).

5. At the moment I am really sick of dating.

6. I wish winter was over already and it hasn’t even officially started.

7. I am really enjoying writing my blog regularly.

I don’t think I *have* to nominate anyone else for the award but there are a couple of blogs that I’ve started following that I’m really enjoying so I’m going to nominate them for the “Shine On” Award.  Interestingly, they are also parenting blogs. They are:

1. Mum to Lachlan

2. Jogging Dad

Hope you’ve all had a great week. It’s Friday tomorrow. Hooray!


10 Things I Wasn’t Prepared for as a Parent

Oh boy, yesterday was quite simply one of those days. You know the ones. The mummy meltdown days.  We had what I like to call Whine Fest 2013 at my place and although we had only one attendee he made up for it with gusto and enthusiasm. And to be honest I seriously thought to myself a number of times “I didn’t know it was going to be like this”. I’m not sure why I am so surprised. They are little humans after all and can get out of bed and have a crap day like anyone else. And clearly I was having a crap day too as it seemed my supply of patience had all but run out and that’s not every day me either. So while I was wallowing in self pity about my crappy day I started to think about what else I missed the memo on when it came to parenting. It certainly has its fair share of surprises. Here are the ones that I was completely clueless about.  Continue reading

Thought for the day

My friends over at the Best Little Bookshop in Town make my day every day with their “thought for the day”.

I liked today’s so much I thought I’d share it with you.

If you want more of this in your Facebook news feed then you should follow their page. They pretty much only post these quotes and interesting stuff about books which is pretty awesome. No trash posts to clog up your feed! Hooray!

Have a great day!

Going dairy free with your child

If you click on this pic it will zoom you over to the full post at You & Baby

If you click on this pic it will zoom you over to the full post at You & Baby

Eliminating a major element of your child’s diet can seem pretty full on when it’s happening, especially if you’ve never been down the food elimination path before. It’s particularly frightening if the thing that you’re eliminating is life threatening for your child. Fortunately that wasn’t the case for us. We were just dealing with a “suggested” intolerance and to be honest it felt like more a pain in the rear end than anything else at the time.

Coming up with great treats that your kid likes can be pretty tricky and we’d just settled on a bunch of great finger food options (as dear child was refusing to be fed at the time) that included cheese. And let’s face it, dairy features pretty heavily in most kiddie diets. Yoghurt and cheese sticks are a parent’s best friend. Anyway clearly I wasn’t entirely convinced that dairy was the source of our problems when it was all happening but I’m happy to admit that I was wrong.  Yes. I. Was. Wrong. Doing a thorough elimination (which is more than cutting out milk, cheese and butter I’m afraid) helped us so much that we are still dairy free now.

If you want to know more about our story and see some tips on how to make the transition smoothly then check out my guest blog over at You and Baby. Yes I’m guest blogging now! Isn’t that exciting?!  You and Baby have put together a great little blogging team and they are getting their skates on as we speak.  It will be a great resource for all parents and parents-to-be so head on over and check it out. And if you are interested in the dairy free stuff then keep an eye out as I’m going to do some posts with some of our favourite recipes and also some yummy and filling snack ideas to help you out.

Hope you’ve all had a splendid weekend wherever you are!

Mummy Flying Solo x

Sorry but I just didn’t enjoy breastfeeding…

There. I said it. It’s out there. I didn’t enjoy breastfeeding.  You can all think I’m a big meany with a heart of stone now. I feel bad for being so ungrateful about it too as truth be told it came to me pretty easily. My milk was a bit slow coming in so there were a few days there where I was sitting in my pressure stockings and knickers with a double pump on (oh so glamorous) and that wasn’t much fun.  I’d do that for half the day, trying to tempt the milk to burst forth out of my rock hard boobies like it was supposed to and get about half a centimetre of milk dribble in the cup. That was a tad disheartening I will admit. I’d look at that cup and think how am I supposed to sustain a life on a dribble of milk? But we got there in the end.  Continue reading

The Nature of Marriage

I had a friend post this article on Facebook recently with the comment: “Exactly” and then this quote (I think) also in inverted commas “The call to allow same-sex marriage is legitimately seen as not a claim against discrimination, but a claim to change the nature of marriage.” I loathe to include it in here and give it more air time but it’s only fair if I’m going to trash it. It killed me not to comment on this at the time but I wanted time to collect my thoughts and clearly argue my point (which I’m attempting to do here but not sure if I succeed). I went back to the Facebook page in question but I can’t find the link there anymore so who knows what happened to it. Instead I’m getting it all out of my system in a blog post! Continue reading

Dating and the Single Parent

Oh. My. God. This topic is a doozy. And not for the reasons you might imagine. It’s not about how you might meet someone or how difficult it is to find the time to actually go on a date. Those things are tricky to negotiate, yes, but that’s not what has compelled me to write about this topic. The trickier thing, in my experience, is establishing with your ex when someone can be brought into your little one’s life.  For me it was a no brainer. You don’t introduce your child until you know it’s a thing. And when I say know, I mean know. None of this early oh how we adore each other stuff where you think you’ll be together forever but post honeymoon period phase really knowContinue reading