“Halloween is Un-Australian”

monkey and me halloweenWe went ‘trick or treating’ for the first time this year and damn it was fun. Fancy dress and sweets; what’s not to love about it? Plenty if you let the haters get in your way.

Halloween and the costume/trick or treating phenomenen have been reasonably slow traditions to come to Australia. I’m 37 and we never did anything to do with it as kids. What little I knew of Halloween came from spooky books and movies. It wasn’t until I actually had an American best friend that I realised that you could dress up as anything you wanted for Halloween, it didn’t HAVE to be something scary. At this point I was 30 but despite this I started to embrace the idea. One is never too old for dress ups and the idea of being able to dress up  as anything seemed waaaaay more fun.  Continue reading

What we are teaching our children by worshipping Elsa

Oh look. I’ve come out of hiatus to bitch about Frozen. Let it go, bitches. Let it go!

Recently I had the joy of sitting down and watching Frozen all the way through. I still don’t get the song (sorry but I really don’t like it) but I did enjoy the film. What a little hero Anna is!

Yes, Anna.

For some reason as she is the plainer, less magical sister wearing a sensible shawl the entire film she seems to take a back seat to the all powerful Queen Elsa and to put it bluntly, this pisses me off.

cast photo frozen

Look at Elsa all front and centre like she is the STAR

What are we doing by encouraging this? Continue reading

Slagging people off is not a good way to get your point across

This is my protest sign

Image credit to Aramink by Anne. Image links to her site.

I logged into my blog email today to find this little cherub in there.

Pro-choice satanic feminists molest and assault a group of peaceful pro-life men

This is a post written by Matt Walsh. Despite the fact that the title of this blog alone makes me crazy you should check out his stuff.  Some things I agree with him on, others not so much, but he does have an interesting point of view. Mostly, I find him logical and well thought out but not so much when he rants about Obama Care or abortion.

Clearly this post is about abortion. Well he thinks it is anyway. With a title like that it seems a bit more like slander used as an attempt to push his “pro-life”/anti-abortion agenda.  Continue reading

Why I can’t be a supermodel and clothes don’t look as nice once you try them on.

Well then, today I am going to surprise you. Today, I am not going to write a really long post.


Today, I am going to let some pictures do the talking for me. Just a little bit. I will talk too but less. Nothing like mixing it up a little eh? And maybe all you rockin’ followers who sigh and say too long when you see my other posts will actually stop by and read! Hurrah! That’s not why I’m doing it but hey, it would be a cool bonus.

So today when I was going to my favourite ever coffee shop I parked at a different end of the street than usual, so I had the absolute pleasure of passing this clothes shop. Look at what I saw in the window. Continue reading

5 Reasons Co-Sleeping with a Toddler SUCKS

cosleepingI’m not a big co-sleeper. I’ve done it and still do it on occasion but I am far from its biggest fan. In fact, after every co-sleeping event I usually declare that I won’t ever be doing that again thank you very much and my son gets a stern but loving lecture on how he needs to sleep in his bed while mummy sleeps in her bed.

Anyway, last night it was so freaking cold that when Monkey woke for the second time at just after 4am I just didn’t have the heart to say no. He held his little hands out to me and said in the cutest sad voice ever “This way mummy, this way” and I did not even hesitate.

Boy did I regret it once we got back to my bed. Co-sleepers: I don’t know how you do it. Get off those crazy pills and get your sleep back*! Sheesh.

Here are the reasons I hate co-sleeping: Continue reading

4 Things Crappy Highway Drivers Do to Tick Me Off

highway 61Today, my kid pulled out my last nerve and trampled all over it. Then he just left it attached to the bottom of his shoe and dragged it around with him all day. That’s the sort of day it’s been.

I’ve spent pretty much the whole day going over in my head which post I might resurrect from my drafts next. In the end I decided that I might as well capitilise on my foul mood and write about something that really pisses me off.  

So it was either dickhead highway drivers OR the idiot that suggested I was a man hater because I am a single mum. Well I dealt with the idiot and posted that here but to put it bluntly, I’m still pissed off, so the hopeless highway drivers are going to get it.

So when I say highway, Continue reading