Top 5 reasons not to let your toddler sleep until 5pm

Sleep pic

Who needs sleep?

1. He will want to stay up until 11pm even though he yawns incessantly.

2. He will want to stay up until 11pm even though he says “I’m tired, Mummy”. 

3. He will want to stay up until 11pm even though you make him sit in his bed to play.

4. He will want to stay up until 11pm even if you sit in there with him to keep him calm.


I know, I know. All you seasoned mummies out there are asking right now “Why would you let him sleep that late????”.

Well he was sick this week and rather sooky today so I thought he might be still getting over his bug. Meaning I thought he’d still go to sleep at a reasonable time

Turns out I was wrong about that.

I won’t be falling for that one again.

Be warned!

PS No my little monkey did not sleep in the following day. That whole stay up late sleep in later thing is a fallacy in our house. We are early risers no matter what it would appear.


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39 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons not to let your toddler sleep until 5pm

  1. LOL That is funny! I can see why you would let him sleep thinking he would go right to bed that night… HUGS! Hope he wasn’t too crabby the next day! 🙂


  2. Oh, it’s so hard when they mess up their nap/bed times. Such a struggle to get them back. I find even 5 minutes in the car can mess up our 1 year olds afternoon nap. Our 3.5 yr old doesn’t nap anymore but it can sure affect her bedtime!

    • Oh yeah when they are young the car time is a killer. It’s like 5mins replaces a 2 hours sleep. I hated when that would happen. As Monkey has gotten older he transfers quite well but back then, man. I used to almost break down crying when he woke on the transfer. Noooooo, not the naaaaap!

  3. Doh ! Been there done that. I once let my guy sleep from 5-7pm he was up till 2am jumping on the bed bouncing off the walls. And still git up at 6am ready to start the day.
    Now he only naps 10-12:30pm latest. Any later than 1pm i wake him so hes in bed by 8pm.
    We learn from our mistakes.

  4. It sure can be tricky! A nap that begun at 2pm yesterday ended up going until 5pm. Was hard one to pick, but I let her go as she seemed to need it. She went to bed around 8:30pm and slept in until 7am… 7am is a sleep-in around here, so one well rested girl and one happy Mumma who got a sleep-in. They do not often play out like this, but oh so happy they did this time!
    Hope Monkey is feeling better and settles back into his routine for you 🙂

  5. I have been there before! many time unfortunately… Now I make z power through the day if she doesn’t nap by a certain time. And she wakes up at 630 am every morning no matter what… 🙂 I never knew I was a morning person before I had a little human alarm clock.

  6. lol! I could see that coming! Unfortunately, this is a lesson that continues to repeat itself…even as he gets older! I still think its a good idea to let them stay up just a little later for a family movie…I just want to bend the rules for them a little bit…. Then, when they are up early and threatening to kill one another all day long, I think “Now, This isnt going to happen again”……But it always does……..:)

    • haha I know! You always want to give them the little treat. I even find myself doing that with Monkey on the weekends. Letting him stay up late etc. I almost always regret it though. He ends up soooooo tired he is too wound up to go to sleep easily or he is grumpy the next day. Argh. Such a joy this parenting gig 😉

  7. lesson learned, though I would have had a hard time waking my kid too especially after being sick. luckily (or unluckily), neither one of mine have ever been long nappers. however, they both ALWAYS wake earlier the later I put them to bed. makes zero sense to me but never proves me wrong.

  8. …and if you add travelling time zones and severe jet lag to the equation, that’s when you get the real problem in how you can let them sleep.I haven’t even learned the best way yet 😉

  9. I know why one would let a toddler sleep ’til 5pm – so that the daddy can have a little peace and quiet, with glass or three of red. Not that I did that when my kids were toddlers, of course!!!

  10. Oh those are such hard decisions! “He’s been sick, he needs to sleep”, and “don’t wake a sleeping baby”. And the flip side is – it’s almost five! I woke T up the other day, we’d both been sick and he fell asleep on the couch, but at 4:45 I started waking him up! It only took my 15 years to fully learn the lesson!

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