5 Reasons Co-Sleeping with a Toddler SUCKS

cosleepingI’m not a big co-sleeper. I’ve done it and still do it on occasion but I am far from its biggest fan. In fact, after every co-sleeping event I usually declare that I won’t ever be doing that again thank you very much and my son gets a stern but loving lecture on how he needs to sleep in his bed while mummy sleeps in her bed.

Anyway, last night it was so freaking cold that when Monkey woke for the second time at just after 4am I just didn’t have the heart to say no. He held his little hands out to me and said in the cutest sad voice ever “This way mummy, this way” and I did not even hesitate.

Boy did I regret it once we got back to my bed. Co-sleepers: I don’t know how you do it. Get off those crazy pills and get your sleep back*! Sheesh.

Here are the reasons I hate co-sleeping:

  1. The kid never goes straight back to sleep. Never. You think they’ll want to as it’s all nice and cosy in your bed but they don’t. Last night we were awake for 2 hours before Monkey was sufficiently exhausted to take a wee nap (only 40mins. Don’t get excited).
  2. He flings around and kicks and hits me. I don’t think that one needs further elaboration. It sucks.
  3. He attempts to sleep on top of me. This isn’t fun. I’m terrified of rolling over and flinging him off the bed so even if he sleeps, I don’t.
  4. He turns the light on and off and the fan on. It’s winter and I’m don’t sleep in my disco shoes. Enough said.
  5. He constantly touches my eyelids and strokes my hair. This is what happens when I’m faking sleep in the hope that he will copy.

Last night the only thing that worked was for me to get up and tell him he was going back into his cot. Noooooooo he wailed. Ok then, well GO. TO. SLEEP. (that wasn’t yelling, that was the mummy stern voice btw). So he did. For a whole 40 mins. It was 6am.

Today I bought a heater for his bedroom. Not having any of that baloney again.

*I am in no way judging those who choose to co-sleep. Each to their own I say. Whatever works for you in your parenting journey. I simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND why you do it. It really does suck.


32 thoughts on “5 Reasons Co-Sleeping with a Toddler SUCKS

  1. That sounds exactly like every experience I’ve ever had with a toddler in my bed. I love the idea of it, but in reality I just accepted I was given a fidgeter and I’d never be able to join the ranks of co-sleepers. It’s kind of nice to hear that my son isn’t the only one who takes 2 hours to go back to sleep, turns the light on and off and prods my face if I don’t react. Kids!

    • Lol yup! Kids indeed. I would have loved nothing more than to cuddle up with my little one the other night but it just wasn’t happening (and never does). So pleased I’m not the only one!!!

  2. Co-sleeper here! (for 8 years and I’m whispering so the others won’t hear me shhh and I have 2 kids shhh) I know! It’s crazy! It’s a circus every night. But I’m not ready to let them go yet 😦 maybe when they turn uhmmm 16? LOL

  3. What? You don’t like waking up with a foot on your face?
    I’m one of 4, and my parents had mostly managed to wean us off of co-sleeping by the time we were 2-3, or so. Partly of necessity, of course. So fear-not; there is an end to this tunnel!

    • hehe I’d settle for that if I was actually getting sleep in the first place! lol It’s insane! Imagine if your parents had all 4 of you in bed at once. No one would have ever gotten any sleep!!

      • Yeah, that would have been crazy! I think the only time all four of us were in bed at once was during the day… And my parents were trying (it was futile, of course) to get us to stop jumping on it!!

  4. I co-slept with my kids when they were babies until they were between 1 and 2. I seriously hated it after they were out of the newborn stage. Somehow I would always manage to have about 2 inches to myself on the very edge of the bed.

    • lol exactly! Yeah I think the newborn stage is kinda nice. We didnt do it often but the few hours in the morning after the early feed was quite common and that was really nice.

  5. A few of my good friends are expecting their first baby and it’s been so interesting to learn more about things like co-sleeping. I just figured out how to share a bed with my 6’3″ fiance. I can’t imagine adding another person to it – even if they are little! Though I do remember sneaking into my parents’ bed when I was scared up until like age 10…

  6. We have a pretty good routine, but my 2.5 year old son still wakes up screaming (in my bed) and sometimes can only be soothed by kicking me repeatedly. He has slept all night in his bed before and I look forward to it being a regular thing!

  7. I once babysat my mum’s 2 foster toddlers. I ended up in one double with 1 (and strong wee smell from the night before!) And the other was in the other double bed with my hubby.

    And I thought the newborn was bad!

  8. Ugh, I was an unwilling co-sleeper for 2 years. I hated every moment and couldn’t get him to break the habit!! It killed me – I’m so against it and because I couldn’t break him of it I’m a big advocate of doing everything you can to break it early!

    • Oh no that would have been awful if you weren’t enjoying it! Yeah I had a total paranoia of ending up with a kid permanently in my bed which is why I never went for it much even in the newborn stage although that was easier and cuter.

      • I never had any problems when my son was a newborn, it wasn’t until he was a toddler that it became and issue – and I so wish I had been stronger and had friends to help me nip it in the bud before it got out of hand!

  9. Haha, oh dear. I sleep with my daughter every night & she sleeps the whole night through as long as I’m there when she reaches out. Granted, she does kick me sometimes & often wakes up before 7 but I’ve grown quite attached to having her in with me – not that I’d admit that to hubby…

  10. You have just described almost every co-sleeping event at our place too. And I have to say, buying a heater for the kids’ room was a great investment. Stops those 4-5am visits very quickly!

  11. This made me laugh so much! It’s a total love hate for me too. If he is missing from my bed for a couple of days I get lonely, but the minute he is back, climbing on top of me, arms and legs akimbo, I get so hot and bothered!! I pretty much end up co-sleeping with the floor!

    • lol it’s so hard isn’t it!!! You want the cuddles so it’s tempting but where are the cuddles??? (sorry for the late reply btw…just found two of your comments in my spam folder??? stupid filter).

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