4 Things Crappy Highway Drivers Do to Tick Me Off

highway 61Today, my kid pulled out my last nerve and trampled all over it. Then he just left it attached to the bottom of his shoe and dragged it around with him all day. That’s the sort of day it’s been.

I’ve spent pretty much the whole day going over in my head which post I might resurrect from my drafts next. In the end I decided that I might as well capitilise on my foul mood and write about something that really pisses me off.  

So it was either dickhead highway drivers OR the idiot that suggested I was a man hater because I am a single mum. Well I dealt with the idiot and posted that here but to put it bluntly, I’m still pissed off, so the hopeless highway drivers are going to get it.

So when I say highway, I mean one with multiple lanes (2+) going in the same direction just to be clear. Otherwise most of this won’t make any sense. So here is what they do. Have a look and see if it’s you.

  • They hang out in the fast last lane. The fast line is the one closest to the middle of the road. It is for people going fast funnily enough. So if you want to go faster than the guy in front of you then you can pop into the fast lane and overtake them. But once done you should slip back into the cruising lane. It’s not very hard. If you stay in the fast lane and hang out you are going to piss people off. Guaranteed. And no, I don’t care if you are going the “speed limit”. You may even be going 5 over but it still doesn’t matter. You are going to piss someone off. Why? Well,

a)     your speedo is probably out so it is highly likely you aren’t going the speed limit even though you think you are; and

b)     some people actually drive faster than the limit. Quelle horreur!

Reality check: this isn’t your problem.

Also you are not saving the world if you don’t let them pass you. In fact, you are putting everyone in more danger as they will now be angry at you for blocking them and there’s nothing better than an angry fast driver is there?

Just trust me and get out of that lane.

  • They don’t let the mergers in.  If a car is merging onto the freeway from an on ramp pull into the next lane and let them in for fuck’s sake. As soon as you pass the merging area you can pull back into the cruising lane again. All good. And I bet it didn’t even cost you 1 second of your overall trip time. How bizarre. 
  • They pace the slow lane while in the fast lane. So this means you get into the overtaking (fast) lane and you sit there at pretty much the same speed as the person you are supposed to be overtaking. Look back at point one buster. That lane is to get in and then get out of. If you don’t want to go fast enough to overtake the other car then you stay behind it pure and simple. Capiche? 
  • They insist on driving too close to the car in front of them. Do you know what happens if that car brakes? You go right through their rear windscreen. If you want to overtake them, then do that. If you can’t, then wait for your opportunity and then do it. It’s not rocket science. Riding their arse in the hope that they will speed up is dangerous and seriously isn’t going to help you. Just get back and let everybody breathe a bit dude. 

I used to make a lot of these driving mistakes when I was younger so don’t feel bad if you read this and you realise it’s you. Just change it and make everyone’s life that little bit better.

And on that note, I’m off to meditate. I think today of all days I really do need to just chill the fuck out.

keep calm


26 thoughts on “4 Things Crappy Highway Drivers Do to Tick Me Off

  1. Oh dear! Some meditation sounds like a great idea 🙂 I too hate it when people drive right up on your bumper. Oh it is SO unsafe and annoying!!! Especially when you’ve got little ones in the back. I drive slower when someone tailgates me, and I think about how kind and thoughtful I am being by saving them from serious injury should I have to unexpectedly slam my brakes on 😉

    • Yeah since I”ve had monkey I hate that one in particular even more. haha I love your thought process Rose. I’d be there thinking suck on that loser and you are there thinking hey I’m saving you!!! Look who’s the nicer person here! I have much to learn! lol

  2. Great post. I’ve got an image stuck in my head now of your son dragging your last nerve around, trying to scrape it off in the grass like it’s smelly and nasty.x

  3. Amen. I learned more about driving in a one-month driving holiday in France a few years ago than I did doing the whole (as an adult learner!) graduated licensing thing here in Oz. Australians dont have any lane discipline or courtesy about only using the passing lane to pass and there’s always that prick who as soon as you try to pass SPEEDS UP. Tell me, I’m new-ish here, what the hell is that about, people?

  4. I drive so infrequently that this kind of stuff doesn’t bother me. My husband though seems to complain about it every day! 😦

  5. I’m on vacation now, and to get here I had a four hour highway trip. ALL OF THE ABOVE happened on that trip and I was slowly losing grips with my sanity.
    I hate when people ride the ass of the one in front of them, ESPECIALLY at highway speed. That’s a death trap waiting to happen.

    I would like to add the people who switch from one lane to another without using their indicator light (signal) to say they will be switching. Eff sakes that makes me mad.
    (I might have some closet road rage…)

    • hehe I know that sucks too! I should have also included people that leave their high beams on but I don’t normally drive much at night so I forgot how much that shit annoys me! lol

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  7. I deal with those types of drivers everyday!

    I can’t stand it when people follow me so closely on the road. I literally can’t go anywhere without being tailgated anymore. Just because I take my time to get up to the speed limit, actually go the speed limit, and take my time to slow down (all of which saves gas and money!), everyone on the road hates me. I don’t know why people think that tailgating me will make me go any faster.

    I also can’t stand when people don’t let mergers in. People tend to think that they own the road and that no one else has a right to drive on it. I’ve almost been late to classes because some idiot wouldn’t let me over.

    Here are a couple more that bother me:
    (1) Along the lines of merging, it’s annoying when they don’t simply let others into their lane, either in front of or behind them. I try to get over, with my signal on, and they start speeding up to keep me from coming over. For what? I have no idea.
    (2) Changing many lanes without signaling, almost hitting others or me in the process.
    (3) Stopping SO close to me at a stop light. I keep moving up to get away from them, and they keep coming up closer behind me – literally probably just a foot from my bumper.

    There are others that I can’t think of right now.

    The point: some people just shouldn’t drive.

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