Top 5 reasons not to let your toddler sleep until 5pm

Sleep pic

Who needs sleep?

1. He will want to stay up until 11pm even though he yawns incessantly.

2. He will want to stay up until 11pm even though he says “I’m tired, Mummy”.  Continue reading

Dropping the bedtime bottle at 2 years old

My original plan had been “no bottles after 1” but Monkey enjoyed that bedtime one so much I simply didn’t have the heart to take it away from him.

I tried on occasion but it was always a half hearted attempt and if there was any protest at all I’d buckle and give it straight back.

The older he got the more I regretted my lackadaisical attitude to the whole thing.  He was super attached to the routine Continue reading

Here’s what happens when you ask a 2 year old “What do YOU say?”

Monkey’s Granny recently sent him a bunch of really awesome books. One of my new favs is Moo Baa La la la which is essentially an animal sound book but it’s done in a really fun way.

Moo Baa La (1)

The book ends with a simple enough question:

Moo Baa La (2)This is how it went down at our house:

Mummy: It’s quiet now. What do YOU say, Monkey?

Monkey:  Farkings sake

5 Reasons Co-Sleeping with a Toddler SUCKS

cosleepingI’m not a big co-sleeper. I’ve done it and still do it on occasion but I am far from its biggest fan. In fact, after every co-sleeping event I usually declare that I won’t ever be doing that again thank you very much and my son gets a stern but loving lecture on how he needs to sleep in his bed while mummy sleeps in her bed.

Anyway, last night it was so freaking cold that when Monkey woke for the second time at just after 4am I just didn’t have the heart to say no. He held his little hands out to me and said in the cutest sad voice ever “This way mummy, this way” and I did not even hesitate.

Boy did I regret it once we got back to my bed. Co-sleepers: I don’t know how you do it. Get off those crazy pills and get your sleep back*! Sheesh.

Here are the reasons I hate co-sleeping: Continue reading

Conversations with my toddler

damn straight

damn straight

Life in our household is in a constant state of negotiation at the moment. It is driving me crazy Miss Daisy. Absolutely batshit crazy.

I love nothing more than the sound of my own voice so luckily, I seem to have many opportunities to use it. Oh and speaking of speaking, I love saying the same thing over and over and over too. That is so much fun! The bomb.

People say they get bored with staying home with babies as it’s all goo goo gaa gaa and no real conversation. Man that stuff is CUTE! Be grateful they can’t talk back and mostly seem to like you.  I’d take that any day over the need to offer repeated enticements to carry out the most basic of tasks.

Let me show you what I mean.   Continue reading

Help! My kid is waking through the night again.

wake up mumAll parents say: once you have children you will never sleep again. And it pains me to say it but they are right. So. damn. right. Know it alls.

Once babies learn how to sleep through the night they apparently don’t stay sleeping through the night forever. Who knew?  I didn’t. I thought we did all that work teaching the little critter how to sleep so that this sort of crap wouldn’t happen but apparently it is a fool’s game. They do not stay sleeping through Continue reading

Snacks without dairy your kids will love

Hey I’m back with more dairy free goodies to make your day. Woooot!  I wish I’d found something like this when Monkey was young. It would have made things soooooo much easier.  This is another of those blogs I’ve posted over at You & Baby. I’ve posted a bunch of our favourite recipes  and also some store bought dairy free snack ideas. Enjoy!

Just click on the (laughable) pic below to zoom you direct to the blog. And yes, I created this myself in paint. Laugh away. I know I’m no graphic designer…don’t even show hints of talent.

no dairy please mummy

Two easy toddler activities. No crafting degree required!

I am no creative crafting genius.  I suck at that stuff. I know I’m going to have to learn to be better as monkey gets older but anyway, for the moment I still suck at it. It turns out it doesn’t matter so much. I think I was over-complicating things.  Little kiddies have still growing minds remember so they can be occupied by the smallest of things (no disrespect to your genius child of course). I finally got the message one day when I picked my son up from daycare and they had pictures of them all playing with different pasta shapes. They had this write up about how it was a great sensory exercise and that the kids enjoyed it for ages blah blah blah and it just kinda clicked in my head all of a sudden: I can do that sort of stuff too. And all the tools I need are in my cupboard and don’t require some complicated activity preparation. Woah. That’s a wee bit awesome. Continue reading

Rissoles: dairy free, gluten free and egg free and STILL YUMMY!!!!

What’s for dinner at your place tonight? If you are looking for something that is easy to prepare + delicious + healthy then give these rissoles a try. I made them with lamb mince but they’d work just as well with beef or chicken mince. Whatever you have on hand would be a-ok.

They can be dairy free, gluten free AND egg free and STILL DELICIOUS! How awesome is that? My toddler loves them. Click on the pic and it will take you to my recipe post over at the You and Baby blog.

Yummy rissoles