So long, farewell. La la la la la la

past future

And suddenly I am singing in the hills of Austria.


In all seriousness I am now here to say my goodbyes (if anyone is even still following this blog). I think it is pretty clear that I don’t intend on posting here anymore and WordPress just sent me an invoice to renew my domain and I was all like “why the hell would I be paying that” and turned off the auto renew function.

So in around a month they will steal back my domain name and I’m assuming this blog will be no more.

It’s been fun kids. I’ve loved meeting you all and sharing your stories. Thank you SO much for reading mine. But now it’s time to take mine away and settle for boring my neighbour with them.

I will probably start blogging again in the future but at a different place where the blog reflects where I am at with my life now. It just doesn’t seem to fit in this house anymore. I need a new house but the market isn’t working for me right now. It is a task for future me, I think.

Thanks for always keeping it real with me peeps.  Wishing you all the reward of a new hello, right when you need it.


Rachael + Monkey xxx

aka mummyflyingsolo


Mummy’s been in time out and she likes it, likes it, yes she does.

Hi blogging world!

How goes it? I’ve missed you all terribly but I have also really loved my little hiatus. It has given me the head space I needed to think a few things through and figure out what to do with business ideas and blogging and the fact that 24 hours in any given day doesn’t seem to be enough.

I basically figured out that when it came to blogging I was constantly compromising on my posts. I have a bunch of things I really want to write about but all require research and research takes time and I just feel I don’t have it. So in the end I’d sacrifice the research piece for something I can post in less than hour and while sometimes this was good and it was fun, I was never really reaching the goal I had in my own mind.

So, where to from here? Continue reading

We interrupt this program to bring you a special message


No signal TV screen


So it’s like this lovelies, I am taking a wee break. There are lots of things going on here at the moment. There’s a business idea floating around and I’m doing lots of reading and learning to see if I can make it and some other ideas work and sadly,  I am fresh out of time for anything else.

Turns out that while I can multi task, 7,537 tasks is actually about one task too many.

It makes me sad as I love my blogging but it is only a wee break. After only 2 weeks I’ll be back to regale you with my nonsense.

See you for my next post on 4 March.



You are a Miracle Blogger Award

What a gorgeous award!

What a gorgeous award!

A couple of weeks ago I received this beautiful Miracle Blogger Award from Brenda over at Friendly Fairytales. I was so honoured to receive this award. On the day she handed it out she decided to share it with those that are caregivers to our children. I want to include her words here as they are truly beautiful. Continue reading

The Versatile Blogger Award

versatileDamn let me tell you something about these awards…they really drive traffic to your site. Or maybe it’s just that the followers who don’t normally read your posts DO read the award posts. Who knows. Anyway I’m not complaining. It’s just an observation during this award-a-thon I’ve got going on.

I know you are going to be so sad but this is the last award in my batch. I know right! You’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled on all those blogs I recommended to see their award acceptance speeches instead of mine.

So this one is The Versatile Blogger Award Continue reading

Geekery awards

Morning fellow bloggers! It is a lovely Sunday morning here and let me just say I am feeling the love! I woke up to a stack of really awesome messages from you guys. What an awesome way to start my day. Anyway I’m back with my last installment of blogging awards. We are on the home stretch now peeps. Woohoo!

This little number was invented only weeks ago by the awesome dude over at Modern Man of the Cloth.  As the creator of something so amazing you should totally check his blog out. You should also check out the blogs of the lovelies who went on to award me.

They are: Continue reading

The Best Moment Award


best-moment-awardMan I am pushing through these awards tonight. Feeling very accomplished right now. Thanks to all those who have contributed to that. Am also feeling like I am achieving my goals by getting all these awards published so yay me!

Thanks ever so much to the little piece of awesomeness that is Running to Her Dreams for this nomination. You should get on over and check out her inspirational blog. I was quite touched recently to learn that she has hand made quilts for friends who have lost a parent using clothing from the person who has passed away. Continue reading

The Beautiful Mama Blog Award

You're a beautiful mama!

You’re a beautiful mama!

This weekend I am spring cleaning my online activity so that means my blog too. Fitting really as it feels like spring might actually be upon us regardless of the fact that technically there is still one month of winter to go. This is one thing I adore about my location on the coast; winter here is not a long one. This spring cleaning also means I am going to get up to date with all my awards posts so sorry about that but there are a few coming.

I still love awards even if I am a bit crap at doing the homework so I make this vow to you all right here, right now, that from this day forward I will respond to all awards promptly. And promptly means within a few days of receiving them, at worst, one week.

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