And another ridiculous anti gay marriage theory is smashed

Hurrah for great research that tells us wonderful things. Things that we should already know but that the small minded among us refuse to acknowledge. Things like kids raised by parents in same sex relationships are as happy and well off as any kid raised by parents of the opposite gender. I am saddened that we needed to undertake this study but I am happy, oh so happy, that the study concludes that in many cases the damn kids are actually healthier and happier. Well well well.

I want to say something really immature here like “in your faces” but I’m holding back. Is telling you I thought it the same as actually saying it? Never mind.  Continue reading

The Nature of Marriage

I had a friend post this article on Facebook recently with the comment: “Exactly” and then this quote (I think) also in inverted commas “The call to allow same-sex marriage is legitimately seen as not a claim against discrimination, but a claim to change the nature of marriage.” I loathe to include it in here and give it more air time but it’s only fair if I’m going to trash it. It killed me not to comment on this at the time but I wanted time to collect my thoughts and clearly argue my point (which I’m attempting to do here but not sure if I succeed). I went back to the Facebook page in question but I can’t find the link there anymore so who knows what happened to it. Instead I’m getting it all out of my system in a blog post! Continue reading