There, but for the grace of God, go I.

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Having escaped an accident that could have easily resulted in my death not once, but twice, in my life, I’ve always felt a bit of an affinity for this saying.

These events were but two small moments in my life and I honestly don’t pay them too much mind these days. The second event gets more of a showing than the first but it alone was almost 23 years ago now. That’s quite a ways in the past.

But both of them were serious and both of them were car accidents. 

For the first one I was 5 years old and crossing the road on Good Friday. We had a little store right across from our house and my mum gave me 4c to go and get a lolly for my brother and me; a reward for playing so well that morning.

I remember buying the lollies (sherbies) and the shop owner asking me if I needed to be walked back across the road. I said no and went on my merry way with my head down reading the lolly wrapper. Always a good way to cross a road.

The next thing I knew I was on the ground and my dad was asking me if I could wiggle my fingers and toes. I won’t bore you with all the gory details on this except to say that I was very lucky. I had grazes all the way down the side of my face which eventually healed without scarring. The antenna on the car had gone deep into my back right next to my spine and thankfully caused no damage. And I had a broken toe.  All good. In the end it was Easter in hospital and lots of extra chocolate.

Talk about LUCKY.

Take 2 was a bit more full on than that. For take two I was a 14 year old rebellious little thing. I had a 17 year old boyfriend with a licence and I was forbidden from ever getting into his car. As it happens, 14 year old rebellious things don’t listen well to instructions that involve the word “forbidden”.

We had the accident one afternoon on the way home from school. It was me, my best friend and our respective boyfriends. My best friend dated my boyfriend’s best friend of course. That’s how you do things in Year 9. So there were 4 of us in the car: the 2 boys in the front and us 2 girls in the back. I was on the left hand side (which is still my favourite side – WEIRD).

Anyway, I still, to this day, don’t really know what happened. We were heading down a street with lots of dips in it and the car was quite probably going too fast. I got that sick feeling in my stomach, the kind you get when on a roller coaster. I leaned forward and asked my boyfriend “What’s happening?”. And that was it.

The next thing I remember it seemed like everyone was getting out of the car and I was freaking out as I thought it was going to blow up. In my haste I shuffled to the other side of the car and got out. I have no idea how I managed this as I had a broken back and serious internal injuries (ruptured bile duct that remained undiscovered for 1 week for those that know about such things).

All this took place on my brother’s birthday, poor kid. He was having his favourite dinner cooked by mum with some friends over to celebrate and there I was stealing the limelight and getting myself almost killed in the forbidden car. I’ve always felt bad about that.

It took me 6 months to recover from these injuries. For the first 3 months I wasn’t even allowed out of bed. They wanted to operate on my spine and put rods in but the internal injuries took precedence (can’t really live if the insides aren’t working properly) so instead they told me to stay flat and let my spine heal naturally.

It did. But not straight. It now protrudes from my back around the T12/L1 vertebrae (where my break was) which I am extremely self conscious about – I can’t wear a bikini or a tight fitted shirt without it being noticeable.

I found this particularly difficult as a teenager but have learnt to adapt with age. It is more prominent as a mother as you are quite simply bending over one hell of a lot more. I still find it difficult dating. You have to introduce someone to this something different about you and some people don’t cope too well. They see it as unattractive or a disability that will require their effort in old age. I know for a fact it has turned more than one man away. There is no point in dwelling on that though is there? Life is what it is.

And I can WALK. Walk! I broke my back pretty darn severely and I walk! My muscles were so wasted after 3 months in bed I had to learn how to all over again but I did it.

Not only do I walk but I run. And I go to the gym. And I get to lift and carry and hug my child. I don’t really have back pain very often, not the sort that needs medication at any rate. In short, there are many people in the world dealing with way worse than this for seemingly less reasons.

So this saying: there, but for the grace of God, go I.

It was brought home to me recently when I went to look at a house in an area I am interested in buying in. I was pretty sure this wasn’t the house for me but I wanted to go and have look to compare cost with inclusions and all that real estatety stuff.

The house was owned by a couple in maybe their late 40s. They have 3 grown kids. The father is a quadriplegic. His break is so high in his spine that he can’t even talk. He communicates using his eyes. The house was custom built to accommodate him so he wouldn’t have to go into a home after the accident. Respect.

When we arrived at the house I noticed two family photos on the wall, side by side. In one the father is a healthy young man, standing behind his family. The other is identical in style but the father is now in a wheelchair and the kids are a bit older. I think they were all still primary school aged when the accident took place. Still so young. My eyes welled with tears just seeing the story just two pictures told. They are welling now as I am writing this.

On inspection day the couple were siting out the back together while the inspections took place. Going out probably isn’t the easy option for them.  The wife was sitting there by her husband’s side like she has done for all these years.  We said a few hellos and oh my, I just wanted to hug her so hard and buy that damn house. I really did. That woman has stayed with her husband all these years and cared for him. Made him comfortable, given him a home and allowed him to watch his children grow up.

That is love right there. And the true meaning of “for better or worse”.

I can still see this man so vividly in my mind and have given him more than a passing thought over the last 2 weeks. Here is someone who has been trapped in his own mind for years and is probably eternally frustrated that he cannot hug his children, show love to his wife and indicate more than yes or no with this eyes. The thought of it all simply makes me catch my breath.

So with this in mind I now look at that ugly spine of mine and think fuck it, FUCK IT. That’s nothing. NOTHING. Because…

There, but for the Grace of god, go I.


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40 thoughts on “There, but for the grace of God, go I.

  1. A bulging backside? Well that sounds pretty sweet to me. Poop on a man who cares about something so stupid. God bless that woman you speak of. I think once you’re married it shouldn’t matter, but that’s easy to say when you’re not in that situation.

  2. beautiful post Rachael! I’m amazed at how far you have come, and am even more blessed to have your encouragement in my life! My son was hit by a car when he was younger (I think about 6) and we were so blessed, he had a goose egg on his head and a massive bruise on his thigh… and that’s it! There is a little spot on his head where the hair will never grow due to the goose egg, but we can live with that!

  3. To survive one car accident is lucky but to survive two is just miraculous! I know you mentioned before how you injured your back but not in this much detail, you are so brave and you were so young when it happened. Your story has really touched me as has the story of the family. There are some amazingly special people out there and some real stories of love. One more thing, you must never think of your spine as ugly, never, ever. I have never seen it obviously but Mr M’s spine is scarred all over left right and centre, literally, and I don’t find it at all ugly. It is what it is, a part of the man I love, so don’t hate yourself, you’re beautiful all the way through xxxxx

  4. Wow, what an incredible story. That you survived both accidents with only minorly inconveniencing injuries…very lucky indeed. Also, any man who is leaves because of a bump in your back is most certainly not worth having around. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a beautifully written piece of work, powerful and extremely moving and I must admit it made my eyes well up with tears when I read about the devoted couple. It also made me THINK. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude is the message contained in this blog, so I’m going to remind myself every single day when I start moaning about trivia: “There but for the Grace of God, go I.”

      • Isn’t it interesting how sometimes a piece that we don’t think is our best but needs to be said can often move people the most? Always fascinates me all the different perspectives. This is a beautiful piece. These 2 sentences gave me goosebumps, how you used one word as a sentence; really gave it force: “The house was custom built to accommodate him so he wouldn’t have to go into a home after the accident. Respect.”

  6. You are so treasured and so loved and SO meant to be on this earth for a BIG reason, I know you have changed me for the better simply by being you. You have a huge calling on your life and that is way more obvious that a curve in a spine. To be honest I think I knew you for at least over a year before I even noticed and it wasn’t until you vaguely told your story!! Besides that, taking it all in, Devine intervention, definitely shows that because your still here, it allowed Monkey to be here and that’s another blessing all in itself! You are an amazing family with HUGE potential. Love you lady xx

  7. What a beautiful story Rachel. Thank you for sharing how lucky we are to have you and also the couple whose love is incredibly inspiring. You may feel self-conscious about your spine protruding a bit but while you say fuck it, flaunt it too…that is your statement to the world that you are meant to be here. And a big Thank you to those loser guys who were scared away, your back saved you from them. Xo

    • You know Kerry, you always give me an interesting perspective on things. I have NEVER EVER thought to be grateful for my spine showing me the true colours of others. It did save me! What a beautiful way to look at it. Thank you so much for this comment! X

  8. Rach, you are such a dear friend to me and like you, I hope I am able to write one day with such precision, detail and beauty so as to affect others the way you touch people with your heart felt story!

    Congratulations for overcoming adversity the way that you have and being so humble in doing so. I think you’re amazing but you should know that by now.

    As you know with my condition, I’m not always physically able to read your blogs but I do whenever I can. And this was so worth reading!

    Funny thing is…. I never would have known about your back if it weren’t for this and I’ve known you for some time now! So goes to show how silly us humans can be when it comes to our body image.

    Love you loads chicky,
    Ren xxx

    • Thank you for this beautiful message, Ren. Honestly when it comes to overcoming adversity I think you could teach me a thing or two! Thank you so much for making the effort to read when you can. It means a lot to me. Funny you didn’t notice the back thing. You are so right, us humans are all a bit silly when it comes to this stuff. xxx

  9. A powerful read because it is so heartfelt and honest. This really touched home. We do need to remind ourselves to say ‘fuck it’ to life’s little adversities and be grateful for our blessings. Thanks for the reminder. And as others here have said, be grateful that wusses and wimps were dismissed from your life. Who needs such shallow people in their world?
    It is amazing to think that you survived both of these accidents. Truly a case of being alive because you make a difference. Don’t ever doubt it. Blessings on you and yours. x

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s heartbreaking and lovely all at once. I am so glad you made it through and are healthy and happy and able to hold your baby 😉

  11. I’ve been thinking about this post so much since I read it. It is wonderful of you to share this experience with us and you really are meant to be here – two escapes from the same danger is a miracle – you must be needed for something important!!! It must change you as a person – I know that I feel the fragility and preciousness of life more now than ever. It is incredible that you healed up and recovered to the point where you can RUN. You’re an amazing woman and anyone that ever had an issue with a bump on your spine is a fool. Thank you for sharing this X

    • Yeah Rose, it definitely shaped the person I became. Changed my life without question. Not necessarily from that one event itself but from the flow on affect. I had to settle back into school and needed special treatment to take it a bit easy yada yada. It was a life defining time for quite some time. There are probably another few posts in the story really but I’m not sure I need to go there. I think I’ve healed that part of my past now. This was the first time I’d written about it and for now, I feel it was enough. Thanks for writing. I always love hearing from you. X

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