Wonderful Team Membership Award

team menbership awardI did warn you in my last awards post that there were a few to come this weekend so here is the next one. This is the Wonderful Team Membership Award and I feel flushed with joy that I have been nominated by three of my favourite bloggers.

They are:

1. Scottishmomus – amazing blogs. If you like poems then she has some rockin’ stuff. Subscribe people, subscribe!

2. How To Ruin A Toddlers Day – if you see this title and expect her blog to be fun and funny then you won’t be disappointed. She currently has an awesome giveaway happening so head on over and check it out.

3. MentalMom02 – Hilarious stories. Funny, funny, funny, and then some.

Amazingly this one doesn’t have any rules! Whaaat? Yeah I know. So I’m going to nominate those that visited my recent blog about helping my friend Sarah and took the time to let me know they’d taken her survey. You guys rock and really are top notch team players. THIS is my THANK YOU!

1. The Homeschooling Doctor

2. The Vanilla Housewife

3. Did That Just Happen

4. Winding Road


Thank you for being a part of my team

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels




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