Why sign up for a 10k when you can do a 14k instead?

So I’m doing it. I’m getting on board with these health and fitness declarations again and mine is this:on August 10 I’m going to run the 14km City to Surf event in Sydney. Despite the fact that I am yet to even run 10km without stopping I am going to do this and I’m going to do it real good.


See. Hardly anyone runs the dam thing.

One of my beautiful friends has put her hand up to run too without any coercion from me whatsoever (yeah she’s pretty awesome) so it’s on like donkey kong and I’m excited.

I think what has been lacking from my running training of late is some event motivation. Now that I have it I am so psyched. I imagined the whole of my run today that I was on the event course, running past all these awesome parts of Sydney that I adore. I seriously cannot wait. I also decided that I am going to make the perfect City to Surf playlist. I’m going to set it up based on my running times so at certain distances (like at the 7km mark when I’m running up heartbreak hill) the most appropriate song comes on to keep me going. I’m all over it.

If you have the best ever most favourite track to pound it out to then you must leave a message and let me know. I tried a youtube running mix today and it surprised me how much enjoyed some of the pop songs for running (I’m usually too cool to admit that) so seriously, no suggestion is too silly. Eye of the Tiger will be making it on there for example. Today it got me totally psyched.

So, for training I’ve basically started doing a half marathon training program – I’ll just do the first 5 weeks of the 12 week program. That ought to get me race fit. If any of my bloggy runner friends have tips then I’m all about them. Chuck them my way!

Better not be any fecking magpies on the course. It will be THAT time of year again. Better wear a hat.

To wrap up…declarations as follows:

July: run 5dpw in training for C2S
August: Do C2S. Finish it. Run all of the way.

If you have an awezome running tune for me, a training tip or just want to give me a wee bit of encouragement then leave a comment below. Thanks. You guys rock.


PS Wrote this on my tablet as my laptop charger has shit itself (just to make my life easier) so if anything seems weirdly spaced or placed then that’s why.

29 thoughts on “Why sign up for a 10k when you can do a 14k instead?

  1. Well done Rachael. I know you will do very well with this. This was something that I was worried about finishing but one thing that differs about race day is that there are so many people and such an amazing atmosphere so it distracts you from the distance. Can’t wait to hear how you go!

  2. Go, girl!! I don’t run (lousy hips, I have) but I love me the elliptical! Music is key to keep going. πŸ˜€ I’ve enjoyed some Maroon 5 songs, and they have a great mix of fast and slow – making it a great circuit training workout!
    Have fun training for the race. πŸ™‚

  3. You go girl! That’s the way to get motivated! I was in a tough spot (hilly place!) in my very first 10K and “I am Super Woman” started playing.. THAT got me going! Just kept telling myself I WAS and I could do it!

    I have signed up for a 5K this July and my Guy and I are looking for one in the fall to run together- but if I don’t get it on the calendar soon- he won’t train for it! Amazing what motivation actually being signed up for a race is! πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to hear!

  4. Beast mode, Rach! Go and kill this thing!

    cheesy but good running songs to stay motivated:
    1. Kanye – Stronger
    2. Chumbawamba – Tubthumping
    3. Christina Aguilera – Fighter
    4. P!nk – Raise your Glass
    5. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger
    6. Ram Jam – Black Betty
    7. ACDC – Thunderstruck
    8. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

    Good luck!

    • I am definitely in beast mode, Nance and LOVING it.

      Love the song recs. Will def seek those out that I don’t have. Raise Your Glass and Stonger (KC one) popped up on playlist yesterday and I found them great for running. Will have to track them down now in mp3 version. I also love the Kanye Stronger. Have it already and added to the list today. Wooooo! I’m so psyched! I hope this lasts until race day LOL

  5. Go you!!! My fave running songs are more for beat and fun than anything else: Blurred Lines, Lauryn Hill To Zion, Katy Perry Roar, anything Sublime, anything Snoop πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m in awe. You’ve gone from doing this to DOING this. Got the running bug now. All great recommendations for motivation in the music. I can’t think off hand of any others. But good luck in the training and on race day.x

  7. Go you!!! You’re going to kick this 14k’s butt. Stay hydrated and look into some mid-run fuel. I recommend the Gu shots or Clif Shot Bloks (or something like them–I know we’re half a world apart!). They’re not always necessary, but if you find yourself fatiguing after mile 6 or 7, they could make all the difference. And, of course, stay hydrated!

    I’m doing a 10k this weekend and I think I’m going to do another half marathon in October. We shall see. πŸ™‚ Good for you! Can’t wait to hear how your training goes!!

    Like to mid-run fuel ideas: http://womensrunning.competitor.com/2014/02/nutrition/best-mid-run-fuel-for-your-budget_21200

    • You are a sweetheart! Thank you. These are the gel things someone told me about I think? They have water and gatorade stations from about the 6k mark I think so that’s an option too but willl look into these as would rather I didn’t have to stop. If I manage this run fine I might actually do a half! How was your body after that???? Good luck with the 10k!!!

  8. Amazing – I just love watching your running go from strength to strength! And I laughed out loud about the magpies – the little f*ckers πŸ˜‰ I’m sure they will stay well away – there is strength in numbers!! X

    • Man I ran at Monkey’s dad’s today (which is where the swoop happened the first time) and almost gave myself a panic attack about it wven thiugh we are a good 6 weeks from magpie breeding. They were early last year! I’m a twit. And yeah, I’ve really taken on this whole running thing, all from doing that month of meditation last year!!!

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