Two more deaths this week

Cord safety - ACCC

Taken from ACCC safety guide + article on Essential Baby

Quite a few months ago now I blogged about why the position of your child’s cot is important. Namely it’s blind cords that are the issue. They kill. And far too frequently.

In this last week in Australia, two more infants have died because they have strangled themselves with the cord while in their cot. Kiddies don’t see cords as dangerous. They look fun. They can hang from them and maybe turn upside down. Fun stuff like that. Fun stuff that will strangle them. And you won’t necessarily hear them die.

I’m sorry if this sounds like a really harsh blunt way to put it but it is a really harsh blunt thingand we need to be clear about this to everyone.

No beds near cords.

Period. The end. No further discussion.

While they are a danger at any young age (apparently there have been deaths up to 10 years of age) this seems to be a particular issue with those just over 1 year of age. Maybe it is because they are getting more inquisitive then. They don’t want to sleep, they can stand up in the cot, they can often walk and they are really getting into play. BUT they also have a serious lack of understanding about the world around them and no real idea yet about consequences. They don’t see a cord and wonder if it will hurt them as mostly, the world hasn’t hurt them yet (thankfully) so they have no real world knowledge and experience to apply to this situation. Or even the ability to do that even if they did. Their little brains are still growing.

So you need to help them.

And get that motherfucking bed away from the blinds. And observe them when they are playing near blinds. Teach them about the dangers and beware of the hazards.

For those with older style vertical blinds in their home, you can remove the chains along the bottom and the blinds will work fine.

Some other mums left some great ideas on my original post for keeping cords safe. There are all sorts of ways around it out there so pop on over and have a look.

Now let’s create some more awareness about this and see if we can’t save a few lives.


13 thoughts on “Two more deaths this week

  1. This is so sad. I remember my
    Mom worrying about this when I was a kid. I can’t believe that children are STILL dying from this!
    I am glad you are bringing awareness I this. Thanks for sharing!

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